1989 Donruss Blue Chip Cards

Not too long ago I blogged about Donruss and their trigger-happy designers who created almost a dozen different cards from their 1989 design. One card I left out due to lack of knowledge of its existence was the Blue Chip Cards release.

I checked my trusty Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, did several searches on-line and could find no information on the origin of these cards. The best I can add is that according to Sports Collectors Digest, the Mark McGwire has a book value of $400 dollars.

1989 Donruss Blue Chip Cards is a 12-card set featuring Keith Hernandez, Mike Greenwell, Dave Winfield, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Kevin McReynolds, Mike Marshall, Walt Weiss, Franklin Stubbs, Danny Tartarbull, Jesse Barfield, and Ellis Burks.

You would think that by now someone would have figured out just where did these cards come from and what was their purpose.  Obviously the print run on these is extremely limited considering the lowest book value is $60 dollars for a Walt Weiss and others.

Where is a Donruss historian when you need one?