The Top 5 Oddballs of all-time

Last week I wrote a piece about “Oddball” brands and the prejudice collectors who own such cards face in trade negotiations. You can read my piece here. Once again, David from Cardboard Junkie has opened up his vast collection of baseball cards & knowledge and has put together the definitive, official top 5 Oddballs of all-time exclusively for Wax Heaven. So without further ado;

#5 – 1981-1988 Drake’s Big Hitters

A nice regional set full of sluggers that was originally inserted in packs of snack cakes. The sets have a cool oddball feel to them on the front, but have the classic Topps backs.

#4 – 1982 K-Mart Box Set

This was one of the first victims of the mass overproduction of baseball cards in the 80’s. On the other hand, everyone had at least one set and the classic Topps cards were a great lesson in card history.

#3 – 1988 Panini Stickers

The best designed sticker set of the 80’s hands down. The design was attractive and actually had the players name on the front so there was no guessing who it was. There were also special foil team stickers, lots of detailed stats and information in the album and best of all, no tiny half stickers.

#2 – 1988 Pacific Legends

A very simple design puts the focus on the player and not the card. The set is packed with both superstars and fan favorites, and the Mickey Mantle card was selling like mad for 25 bucks each at a card show I attended in the late 80’s.

#1 – 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars

In my opinion, the best design of a card in the 80’s. The double sized card is able to hold both a huge portrait and an action snapshot, and the maroon borders and gray background with the repeating team name is better than anything else by far from that time period. The statistics on the back are also king sized and incredibly detailed, something that really meant something in the days before the internet.

Agree or disagree with this list? Did we forget your favorite oddball?
Cardjunk has busted a pack of Panini Stickers at A Pack A Day for this blog. You can check it out HERE.