The Man in the Mirror

I've spent an unordinary amount of time on this website defending the greatness that is Bowman's forgotten love child, Bowman's Best. During the Bowman Chrome age, especially as pack inserted, certified autographs of young teenage boys took over collecting, it appears Bowman's Best was inexplicably left in the dust. I never quite understood the masses... Continue Reading →

How Texas Killed My Childhood

Often, when I let someone know that I collect Jose Canseco baseball cards, I expect to be immediately be judged. Believe it or not, this began way back when Jose was still a baseball God and continued throughout what ultimately became a wasted career and very sad, often tragic, life after baseball. When my mom... Continue Reading →

The Panini Shit Sandwich

I don't think you'll find a bigger anti-Panini America collector on the Internet than myself. For years, maybe even a decade, I've been speaking out on Panini's destruction of our beloved Donruss brand, their trash employees, ridiculous customer service, and flat out scam-like tactics when it comes to redemptions. At some point, I realized I... Continue Reading →

The Snake Will Always Bite Back

In the late 90s, I watched a documentary on the behind the scenes aspect of professional wrestling. In that program, a wrestler, best known for his interview skills and accompanying pet snake that he'd utilize to scare his opponents, talked about life on the road with an endless supply of groupies and how damaging it... Continue Reading →

If You Stare Into the Abyss …

Sixteen years is a mighty long time to some. That's how long this blog has been in existence. For some context, this blog I created about baseball cards is one year younger than Twitter and pre-dates smart phones, TikTok, and Kanye West being bat-shit crazy. Hell, at the time of this blog's creation, there was... Continue Reading →

Just When I Thought I Was Out

A few months ago I went on a temporary hiatus. I was starting a new job in an industry I was unfamiliar with and needed to focus more than ever on non-card ventures. While away from writing about baseball cards for the first time since 2007, something unexpected happened. The negativity and toxic atmosphere fueled... Continue Reading →

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