Donate Cards


If you are a fan of the The Baseball Card Blog and would like to contribute by donating trading cards, you can contact me directly at Your donation could help provide new content for the site.

Along with a personal “thank you” shout-out, every single card donated will be given away on social media through weekly, themed Twitter contests. My goal is to “pay it forward” to collectors and readers.


If you are interested in sponsoring The Baseball Card Blog or would like to purchase ad space, feel free to email me with your ideas and/or proposal. Companies with direct ties to the trading card industry will receive top consideration.

If you work for a card company and would like your products reviewed in a professional manner by a passionate collector of 30 years, reach out asap. This site has been visited by over 2,000,000 unique collectors in just four active years.

Previous card manufactures that have sponsored this blog include Topps Company, Upper Deck, Panini America, and TriStar cards. I have also worked with Leaf Trading Cards for site giveaways.