Score’s Sin of Gluttony

Three billion, six hundred million. That's how many 1991 Score cards are believed to have been produced. Thirty-two million of those alone are cards of Ken Griffey Jr. Four million unnecessary copies of Jose Canseco's infamous Dream Team card. This set was destined to be the Junk Wax era's swan song, a massively overproduced swing... Continue Reading →

A 30-Year Mystery Finally Solved

One of the main reasons I love baseball cards and have been an avid collector for 32 of my 41 years on this planet is the feelings of nostalgia certain sets, cards, and even players are able to conjure up in my mind. While my collecting rookie year is officially 1990, the set that really... Continue Reading →

How Junk Wax Killed A Career

I got a funny notification on my phone last week. For some reason, Google News thought I'd be interested in the story of Bob Engel, a decorated baseball umpire who threw away his 35-year career for a shot at some 1990 Score Baseball. To modern collectors, that might sound insane. After all, the only way... Continue Reading →

One Photo, Five Cards

In early 1998, Jose Canseco walked onto a baseball field a complete unknown. Having gone from being the highest paid athlete in the world who once garnered attention from MTV and Madonna to playing in Canada for a fraction of what he once earned, the mighty had fallen hard. Long gone were the glory days... Continue Reading →

Player Collector #FAIL

For a collector who has focused his attention one just one player for 28 years, I think I've done a pretty decent job. For one, here I am pushing 40, with more knowledge about the hobby than ever before, still lucky enough to be picking up new cards of Jose Canseco in 2018. When I... Continue Reading →

Mickey Mantle vs. Shohei Ohtani

It's clear that 2018 is the year of Shohei Ohtani, a lanky home run-hitting pitcher who has won the hearts of all baseball fans and collectors alike. His autographs in Heritage and Bowman have pretty much ruled The Hobby for the past two months and with his numbers improving every day, don't expect his autograph... Continue Reading →

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