A 30-Year Mystery Finally Solved

One of the main reasons I love baseball cards and have been an avid collector for 32 of my 41 years on this planet is the feelings of nostalgia certain sets, cards, and even players are able to conjure up in my mind. While my collecting rookie year is officially 1990, the set that really... Continue Reading →

How Junk Wax Killed A Career

I got a funny notification on my phone last week. For some reason, Google News thought I'd be interested in the story of Bob Engel, a decorated baseball umpire who threw away his 35-year career for a shot at some 1990 Score Baseball. To modern collectors, that might sound insane. After all, the only way... Continue Reading →

The (Hobby) Candle in the Wind

At first glance, there was nothing really all that special about Pinnacle Brands in their 1992 debut. At the time, collectors were chasing Fleer inserts and Upper Deck hologram cards and were just a year away from Topps' groundbreaking Refractor parallels from being introduced. Pinnacle, which was recently formed by the owners of Score and... Continue Reading →

The Best of 1997 – #2

Let me just start off by saying that if I had done this countdown three, five, seven, even a decade ago, 1997 Pinnacle Certified and 1997 Totally Certified would have landed at #1 and #2 each time. Both sets are arguably the greatest products Pinnacle Brands would ever release and quite frankly, light years ahead... Continue Reading →

The Best of 1997 – #6

Something spectacular and unexpected happened in 1996 that flew completely under the radar. That was the year Pinnacle Brands purchased Donruss and Leaf Trading Cards. At the time, Pinnacle was just five years removed from their debut but now were clearly on the fast path to becoming the premier baseball card manufacturer. Collectors were in... Continue Reading →

The Best of 1997 – #9

If you missed #10, click here. Everything old is new again. Perhaps that is what Pinnacle Brands had in mind when they introduced 'New Pinnacle' to the world of baseball cards. In case you weren't around back then, New Pinnacle's debut did not exactly set the collecting world on fire. The base card design, while... Continue Reading →

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