The Mythical Elite Lives On

Love him or hate him (most hate him), Jose Canseco was the biggest name in baseball and baseball cards by the time 1991 Donruss introduced serial numbered trading cards to the pre-internet world. Donruss Elite was as close to Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket as anything had ever been and much like the Wonka Chocolate Factory,... Continue Reading →

A Junk Wax Treasure

Enough articles have been written about Upper Deck's introduction of the pack-inserted certified autograph in 1990. It was unfortunate that for baseball's first autograph in baseball cards, they chose Reggie Jackson. Thankfully, Upper Deck remedied that faux pas by inserting Nolan Ryan autographs into their '91 baseball release. Ryan, a 43-year-old legend, had reached the... Continue Reading →

Does Pack Searching Even Matter?

While I never take part in message boards, I do like to lurk occasionally, especially Blowout Cards' forum. This week, one of the more popular topics was a guy who was photographed pack searching (with a scale) at a Target in Minneapolis. To no one's surprise, he was also involved in a pack-searching expose well... Continue Reading →

A Piece of Card History on eBay

Pinnacle's debut into the baseball card market probably didn't go exactly as planned. As it turns out, 1992 was a very strong year thanks to the beginning of Bowman's reign as the "Home of the Rookie Card", not to mention strong showings by Upper Deck and Topps' flagship brands. However, in just five years Pinnacle... Continue Reading →

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