2023 Bowman Baseball Review

Back in my day ... oh boy, you know when someone starts off a sentence that way, you're in for a grumpy, "old head" review. Let me rephrase that a little better. In 1989, when Topps re-introduced Bowman to collectors, things didn't go over so well. It's fair to say that the Bowman brand really... Continue Reading →

The Return of Topps Company?!

Well, I didn't have Topps Company / Fanatics supporting The Baseball Card Blog on my 2023 Bingo card but here we are. After a history of Topps being a sponsor and supporter of my work, they have returned to the mix starting with a Hobby box of 2023 Bowman Baseball currently on its way. In... Continue Reading →

Burned on Twitter

For the past few months, I have spent more time on Twitter than usual. I did so because my work life has really ramped up and I have not had time to sit down and write. As a result, my new Twitter account has spiked, with 400+ new followers in the past 30 days. My... Continue Reading →

The Mythical Elite Lives On

Love him or hate him (most hate him), Jose Canseco was the biggest name in baseball and baseball cards by the time 1991 Donruss introduced serial numbered trading cards to the pre-internet world. Donruss Elite was as close to Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket as anything had ever been and much like the Wonka Chocolate Factory,... Continue Reading →

My Most Wanted (Help!)

I've been collecting Jose Canseco cards since 1990. I've been writing about baseball cards for 17 years and counting. One thing I've never done is ask for help, until today. I don't want anything for free, I am not accepting donations, and I'm certainly not opening an Only Fans. What I do need is for... Continue Reading →

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