The Cardfrontation Podcast

Episode 0 – The Infamous “Cardcop” Interview

Recorded as a concept in 2018, I took the conspiracy route and attempted to interview the infamous “Cardcop”. The interview was so offensive and off the rails that I was only able to upload bits and pieces. Today, the full interview is no longer available but I have rescued about 30 minutes of it.

Episode 1 – The Rise & Fall of Wax Heaven

The Rise & Fall of Wax Heaven is the first episode of the Cardfrontation podcast. It goes into sometimes graphic detail about my experience as a social media influencer for the sports cards industry.

Episode 2 – David vs. Goliath

In this episode I discuss my beef with Beckett Media & Tracy Hackler, the Topps vs. Upper Deck lawsuit, and I rant about my podcasting woes as a newbie.

Episode 3 – His Name Was Ryan Pazos

In 1990, life was perfect. Collecting baseball cards, playing Nintendo, and riding bikes with my best friend, Ryan. Life was full of joy and excitement. Sadly, one of us would never reach our teens.

Episode 4 – Twitter Drama, Stigma at the LCS

There was nothing worse than going into a baseball card shop during the Junk Wax era and telling the owner you were looking for Jose Canseco cards. Thankfully, eBay and others put most bad LCSs to death.

Episode 5 – Love & Hate with Topps Company

For the first time since 2015, I am working with Topps Company again, to provide product reviews, video box breaks, and giveaways.

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