2023 Bowman Baseball Review

Back in my day ... oh boy, you know when someone starts off a sentence that way, you're in for a grumpy, "old head" review. Let me rephrase that a little better. In 1989, when Topps re-introduced Bowman to collectors, things didn't go over so well. It's fair to say that the Bowman brand really... Continue Reading →

The Return of Topps Company?!

Well, I didn't have Topps Company / Fanatics supporting The Baseball Card Blog on my 2023 Bingo card but here we are. After a history of Topps being a sponsor and supporter of my work, they have returned to the mix starting with a Hobby box of 2023 Bowman Baseball currently on its way. In... Continue Reading →

Cardfrontation – Episode 3

'His Name Was Ryan Pazos' The year was 1990 and Ryan and I were outside his house manically trading baseball cards. Ryan was 9 years old and the biggest Will Clark fan on our block. We spent an entire summer riding bikes, playing Nintendo, and trading baseball cards. He was my best friend and the... Continue Reading →

Cardfrontation Podcast – Ep. 2

This episode dives head first into my short-lived rivalry with Beckett Media and my lifelong hatred of a man named Tracy Hackler. Hatred is a strong word but I go into details on what caused the riff. Other topics include ranting about sound issues, lack of sleep, and my appreciation of the hobby legend, Ryan... Continue Reading →

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