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UPDATE 1-1-2018

The glory days of Wax Heaven, much like its author’s hero, Jose Canseco, have come and gone. The site reaches a small fraction of its once booming audience. However, I am still here writing and studying all things baseball cards so if you’d like to contact me you can do so at WaxMorgue@gmail.com.

If you have vintage, 80s or 90s unopened baseball boxes for sale or would like to make a donation, I am always willing to make a deal so that I may produce content like a video box break and/or written review in future Wax Heaven posts. Any and all Pinnacle Brands product will go to the front of the line.

Thank you,

Mario A.



  1. It’s an honor to be even acknowledged by Beckett.
    I have been reading your mag for as long as I can remember and even have issue #272 in my work desk.

    Thank you

    -Mario Alejandro

  2. MAR-I-O, MAR-I-O, MAR-I-O!!!!
    From idea to reality, you have created the perfect sports card website.
    I am glad to be a part of it.
    Heavenly Collections is genius.

  3. I love your blog and what your doing for the sports card hobby.I’ve been collecting cards for over 35 years and just love this hobby.In my little part of the world I like to hit flea markets and yard sales for older vinatge cards.
    Keep up the Great work your friends at DDoubleplay Sports.

  4. Outstanding site!! I’m recently back into collecting again and I heard about you on Tuff Stuff Radio. Anywho, great job and keep it up!!

  5. Dear mario: — can you please email me the article that was recent about the postal employee stealing the rare baseball card. I wanted to show my friend who is in the PO and an old collector. I think your site is great, and im new to it. I have been a collector for about 30yrs.

    Thanks…. Joe Dean

  6. Excellent job Mario i just returned to the hobby and i love your blog. I’ve been reading your blog for a month i think and you already make me a Marlins fan. I’m mexican so i already like the marlins because of Cantu and Amezaga who i hope stay there for a long time but your posts just made me like the team even more. By the way sorry for my english.

    Greetings from Hermosillo, Mexico

  7. Ruben, glad you like the site. Cantu & Amezaga are great players and make Mexico look great. I think both of them will be playing in the World Baseball Classic, too.

  8. Thanks for the trade connections bro! This past week a lot of hard to find stuff has found its way into my mailbox!!

  9. hey Katie, im interested but what are wallets? like fold out card page deals, cause usually i see them being called pages.
    ~eric e~

  10. Hi, this isn’t really a comment but just a question about your question from the wordpress support forums. Have you been able to receive comment notification emails after you have approved a comment? I have not received any and you were one of the only people that seemed to be having the same problem. I contacted support, but nothing back yet. Thanks!

  11. Mario,

    Like a few others on this blog I am getting back into collecting. Subscribing to quite a few other collecting blogs I find this one to be the easiest to read and follow.

    I look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work.

  12. Mario I need your mailing address. I recently picked up a nice piece that belongs in your collection. It was only available to Marlins execs. I just happen to know the person who made them and snagged one for you.

  13. Good article on comparison of Lance Berkman’s 1997 RC’s Bowman v. Topps.

    Fun read, and the comments too.

    Keep it going.

  14. The rarest Ichiro card ever made BY FAR (not including 1/1’s) is the 2001 Donruss/2000 Retro RC Ichiro #95 – Season Stat Line – 21 made!

    This is the card that was illegally produced by Playoff in 2000 for 2001 Donruss. Upper Deck had an exclusive license that no company could hav3e or produce asnything but base RC’s until apecific 2001 date. Remember, Playoff produced these cards physically in mid-2000. It was to be a 2000 Retro RC of Ichiro replacing the Ben Sheets Retro RC. But I as their Customer Service Manager (who spent the previous 4-years fighting hobby fraud for free) caught these cards, Then I spoke with 2001 Donruss’ Senior Production Manager who had no idea they existed – so we destroyed almost all of them (we kept less than (30) TOTAL of ALL versions for evidence. There were about (700) of them made in total including the (2) REAL Stat Line cards (not the fake ones Beckett’s listed for years which NEVER existed!!!): SO THE RAREST- the 21 Home Run Stat Line card! ONLY 21 WERE TO BE RELEASED!
    I battled Donruss/Playoff for three years before the charges were dropped against me for theft (their attempt to bury the evidence) & I caused them to lose their baseball license for this and MANY other reasons…

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