In one Spectrum, out the other

10 03 2009

Two weeks ago I received an email from a reader named Jay who bought a box of 2007 SP Rookie Edition and pulled an ultra-rare Tim Lincecum autograph. Not being able to find any information on the card, Jay began to wonder of its origin and asked if I could talk to Upper Deck about it.

Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin was kind enough to respond to my inquiry and confirmed that it was a short-print autograph but not before Jay got involved in perhaps the biggest, most-bizzare blog flame war since the days of Wax Heaven vs. Pack Searcher.

Jay is looking to start fresh with a clean slate and has begun his own blog, titled ‘The Mojo Hand’. Today, Jay sent over a small package as a thank you for Wax Heaven remaining neutral in the blog wars. Inside it, among other cards was a 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum autograph of Andrew Miller which could not come at a better time. Last night I lost out (by a few dollars) on a autograph/jersey of Miller from 2009 Spectrum.

This brings my collection up to 123 different cards and counting. You can see a full list here and the entire collection scanned one by one here. If you by chance have a card that I need, stay tuned for the upcoming basketball and football breaks which won’t all go to Directory members. If you can find one autograph that I need, I will trade it for the entire box’s contents. Email me first, though to work out a trade.