Cardfrontation – Episode 3

‘His Name Was Ryan Pazos’

The year was 1990 and Ryan and I were outside his house manically trading baseball cards. Ryan was 9 years old and the biggest Will Clark fan on our block. We spent an entire summer riding bikes, playing Nintendo, and trading baseball cards. He was my best friend and the little brother I never had but our blooming friendship was not meant to be, as my mother chose to move away in early 1991.

By the time I was in my final year at Tequesta Trace Middle School, the freshman class had one familiar student. After four years, Ryan and I were finally reunited. Life could not have been more perfect, as I was days away from my first girlfriend (and kiss) and had the most impressive Jose Canseco collection in my city. Best of all, my little brother from another mother was back in my life again.

Tragically, Ryan was less than a month away from death.

This is his story.

Cardfrontation Podcast – Episode 3

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  1. So sorry to see this. Will definitely listen in when you post.

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