The Cardfrontation Podcast Premier

Folks, this was three years in the making but I’ve finally produced the first episode of the Cardfrontation Podcast, inspired by a 90s insert of the same name.

Episode 1 goes hard. It discusses my intro to collecting as a 10-year old, my ten-year break as I entered adulthood, and my return to the hobby as an adult, which ultimately turned into an obsession.

This story does get dark, though. If you are sensitive to domestic violence, please listen at your own discretion. It also discusses infidelity and other taboo subjects that played a part in the rise and ultimate fall of Wax Heaven.

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Thank you and stay tuned for episode 2 later this month.

One thought on “The Cardfrontation Podcast Premier

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  1. I was around when ur was on top, tried to stick around after you left but lost interest in cards & started gaming and streaming

    I’m still subscribed to your blog and get emails every time you post something, no offense most days I ignore it just cause I’m not collecting and I spent way too much on cards and got pretty much nothing in return, it wasn’t fun

    I clicked thr email today listened to the podcast & honestly was shocked because we all hung out at pro player stadium a couple of times gettinf autograpgs. Tatiana was a sweetheart, sorry things turned out the way they did. You guys seemed very happy together & I remember she even had her own blog for a minute, I still have the baseball card you made of her somewhere in my garage with all my other cards

    Hope ur doing well, same for tat I lost touch with her years ago
    God bless 🙌

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