This Isn’t Goodbye

I love baseball cards. I love writing about baseball cards even more. Since 2007, with a long gap in between thanks to Fatherhood, I’ve made baseball cards my life. I’ve written thousands and thousands of words on that very subject on this blog, message boards, and social media. I’ve talked about them on several podcasts, interviews, and even my own podcast, which I wasn’t able to see through to the end.

Now, on a personal front, I find myself leaving my industry where I have worked for the past 10+ years to start fresh in something completely new. I have to focus and commit in order to be successful and that means I can’t continue writing as much as I do now. After all, aside from work, I also have a wife and an 11-year-old daughter I need to help make her way through life through these challenging times.

Fear not! I have one more, HUGE article coming this weekend which I’ve put a lot of time and energy into and I can be found on Twitter, where I take part and/or start at least one conversation every day. Make sure to add me on Twitter by clicking HERE. If time permits, I will even soon create a TikTok account opening packs of baseball cards, something I was doing in 2007 on YouTube and also VIMEO.

Be back soon but if I don’t, never stop collecting!

2 thoughts on “This Isn’t Goodbye

  1. Best of luck on your next job. I’ve been working the same district for 24 years and hope to retire from it in another 10 to 12. Then again… I’m not the best with change.

  2. Good luck with the new job! You seem to have a pretty devout following, so I’m sure everyone will still be around whenever you’re able to start writing more again.

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