All Card Grading Services Are Created Equal, Except This One

I’d like to say that it’s a crazy time to be a collector but truthfully, it’s a crazy time to be an American. We’re dealing with inflation, rising gas prices, baby formula flippers, and people all over the country losing their homes due to rent increases. We’ve got schools, hospitals, and grocery stores being shot up daily and innocent people dying, plus a fire burning between Democrats and Republicans that has been raging out of control since the 2020 election with no end in sight.

As a collector, I look to baseball cards to escape the real-world madness that is filled with tragedy and heartbreak. Why anyone would want to bring that aspect of society into collecting is beyond my realm of understanding but ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Southern Values Card Grading, a grading company that immediately lets you know they are against “Liberals”, as it is clearly marked on their MS Paint-generated company logo.

SVCG appears to be running their “operations” out of Oklahoma and its owner, Christopher Dewey, is charging $25 for grading services, with an additional $15 for a custom label. On the company’s Facebook page, there are several examples of custom labels which feature the Confederate Battle Flag. Aside from the flag being completely tone-deaf in 2022, the font and design work is atrocious. Despite all this, SVCG seems to be thriving as there are seemingly hundreds of cards in their slabs featured on their Facebook.

When you see someone proudly waving the Confederate flag, you immediately assume that the person must be a racist BUT judging by SVCG’s incredibly unprofessional website and Chris Dewey’s aspiring career as a rapper, which is somehow even worse than the aforementioned website, I don’t think Chris is a racist. That being said, I do not think SVCG will be able to make a dent in a market ruled by PSA. There are more than enough MAGA in the hobby to justify a company like this but in the end, love wins over hate.

4 thoughts on “All Card Grading Services Are Created Equal, Except This One

  1. Waving the Confederate flag around and screaming about liberals is 100% proof of racism.

  2. That is kind of crazy. It would not be smart for anyone, even those who might be politically aligned with this company’s views, to send cards to be graded by them since any card enshrined in one of those holders would immediately lose most of its liquidity.

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