The Next Greatest Thing of This Month

Druw Jones just turned 18 a few months ago but that hasn’t stopped sweaty men in their late 30s and 40s from buying up photos of the young man fresh out of high school. That sounds kind of weird, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening on card-related message boards and all over social media as Druw’s hype begins to spiral out of control.

Unfortunately for collectors … flippers/investors, Druw’s only “official” card as of now comes from Leaf Trading Cards but give it a year and Topps’ Bowman line will make this kid a star long before he ever makes it into a Major League game. Mark my words, his first few Superfractors will sell for well over $100,000 years before his weight goes North of 200 lbs.

Druw’s father, Andruw, faced a similar fate back in 1995 with his Bowman and Bowman’s Best rookie cards scorching through collector’s pockets. I purchased a copy of Andruw’s iconic Bowman’s Best for $40 but the Refractor, with a $400 price tag in the late-90s, was untouchable.

The thing is, a $400 expense, even with inflation, is nowhere near what prospect autographs are selling for today. Topps makes products strictly for the investors because they know they will buy up everything in sight as soon as it is released. If you think gas is expensive today compared to 20 years ago, look into what Bowman Chrome packs cost in 1997.

If you just can’t wait for Druw’s Topps/Bowman debut in a year or so, check out eBay where weirdos with way too much time on their hands have resorted to selling custom baseball cards of Jones but not the great kinds you see on Twitter. These look like they were designed on MS Paint and with bland 1988 Donruss and Score designs to boot.

For those keeping track at home, 1988 was nearly a decade before Andruw’s rookie season and fifteen years before Druw Jones was even conceived. Now, I wouldn’t be opposed to a custom card of Druw with a 1995 Bowman’s Best design but these cards here are both extremely cheap and very lazy.

Save your money, better yet, open a savings account for the day Druw makes his Bowman debut because the day that happens, the Leaf card, much like Brian Grey, will become instantly obsolete as collectors will go for the real deal, a Bowman Chrome autograph and/or one of the 65 refractor parallels.

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