Should Collectors Expect More?

The other day on Twitter I ran into a tweet by CheapFunBreaks showing off a Chadwick Boseman cut signature. My immediate reaction was to point out that the cut autograph was too small for the designated window. This is something I’ve address many times. I understand really rare autographs pre-1960 aren’t always catered to fit the traditional trading card formats but for someone who died in 2020, there’s just no excuse to pull a card like this out of a box that retails for well over $20,000.

In case you didn’t know, 2021 Topps Transcendent is the cream of the crop in ultra, high-end baseball cards. For starters, there are only 95 boxes available, and most are immediately gobbled up by big name breakers like CheapFunBreaks and rightfully so, as there’s not many collectors who are going to have the resources to spend $20,000+ on one of these boxes alone. Breaking it up and selling slots is the way to go and has turned quite a bit of profit to those breakers who can afford it.

When I tweeted my disappointment that the cut didn’t fit the window, I was immediately blasted by Topps apologists who were quick to defend their beloved company. My take is that yes, I can accept this from a rare autograph but again, Boseman passed in 2020 and looking online it appears he signed just about ANYTHING handed to him with the exception of trading cards. Upper Deck even released a licensed, Black Panther set in 2018 but failed to obtain autographs of the biggest stars, including the biggest one, Chadwick.

I can understand a cut autograph of Roberto Clemente not fitting a window because Roberto died way back in 1972 and it’s fair to assume most of his autographs are safely stored in private collections and/or have been destroyed by now. Even someone like Andre the Giant, who signed quite a bit in his day but died in 1993 is someone I’d consider rare because he missed the trading card autograph revolution by a few years. Boseman was a star, arguably for nearly a decade before his untimely death two years ago.

Call me crazy but if you are going to release a product with a $20,000+ price tag on it, you had better damn well make sure every card in the product is immaculate (and they mostly are). What breakers won’t tell you is that no matter what 1/1 or cut signature you pull from one of these products, it’s nearly impossible to ever make your money back on any box produced. I’d be okay with that sad fact from a $200 box of cards but when I drop enough to get into a 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer, I need some ROI.

So, I did a little digging on CheapFunBreaks and found his 2021 Topps Transcendent break details. He charges $374.99 for one spot. If you hit a 1/1, you are penalized and have to pay extra for shipping. There are 57 total spots available, which means he clears $21,374.23, plus extra for shipping. It’s clear he receives some kind of kickback and/or rebate from Blowout Cards but I would imagine it’s not that much. Plus, he likely earns money from YouTube. Come to think of it, I really don’t know how these guys are making any profit on these.

My advice, buy some singles on eBay and get yourself a new car.

6 thoughts on “Should Collectors Expect More?

  1. Sadly as long as people keep buying, they keep making…

    How did you know CheapFunBreaks purchased from Blowout?

  2. I would think there are more Andre autos out there than Boseman autos. He was famous for longer, and wrestlers travel more and are in meet-the-fans situations more than movie stars.

    Not sure how I feel about this particular auto card. Better to have some empty space than to cut part of the autograph off. At the end of the day, though, given how much the Transcendent box costs, it’s not a great find (even though it would be at a lower price point.)

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