The Most Questionable Tweet of 2021

Cardboard Glory & Collectible’s Twitter account was pushing 4 years of age with just around 200 followers when the Tweet you see below was sent out into #TheHobby and picked up and retweeted by @CardPurchaser. In the Tweet, the account claims that someone’s grandfather gave an 11-year old child a million dollar baseball card for his birthday. As you can imagine, the Tweet went viral and now this account has a ton of new eyes on it. Following his newfound fame, CGC immediately Tweeted out a link to his Facebook page, which currently boasts 35 followers. CGC’s Instagram account has just 6 followers. One has to wonder if this Tweet was a clever ruse to bring some much-needed attention to his social media accounts because I would think that 2-3 years of activity would bring in more followers than what he currently has. If all else fails …..

Look, I’m not calling the guy a liar but it does seem a bit far-fetched that some unnamed grandpa would give a child a baseball card that in the same condition (PSA 1), sold for $1,169,875 in 2020. We are in a day and age when everyone is doing the most to become an “influencer”. That includes Tweeting suicide threats for attention, holding daily giveaways for cards that they don’t own, and other nonsense. I would certainly hope someone from Beckett Media or even an independent content creator is able to track down information on this supposed transaction for verification because at the moment, things don’t add up for me and several dozen other collectors on Twitter and the Blowout Cards forums. All I’m saying is that odds are, unless this grandpa is crazy, that this kid had a chance to hold the most famous baseball card on the planet and that was the extent of it.

If the transaction is legit, good for the kid. This is one child who will never know what it is like to have to worry about putting food on the table. By the time Jake is an adult, that Wagner will only have gone up in value and when the time comes to cash out, Jake will be able to make some investments that will transform him from a Silver Spoon brat to a wealthy businessman overnight. As for the second part of the Tweet regarding Holy Grail cards I owned as an 11-year-old, I’m going to have to go with a 1986 Topps Traded Jose Canseco, which my aunt purchased for me at a card show. I was in shock when she delivered it with the $30 sticker still stuck to the card saver. I didn’t come from a wealthy family so the idea of someone paying that much for a baseball card was just hard to understand. It would take me another seven years to find Jose’s Rated Rookie for a reasonable price.

Back to the Honus/Jake/Grandpa Tweet … my guess is that eventually the viral heat will die down and Cardboard Glory & Collectibles will go back to their small-time, social media presence before we ever find out about the authenticity of the Tweet. I, for one, hope the entire story is true but again, nothing is shocking in 2021. We are all shooting for 5,000 follower counts and social media relevance but some of us are forever destined to be unknowns. As for my own Twitter account, I was suspended again for delving into politics and not being smart about it. I now have a third, inactive Twitter account with, wait for it, 10 followers. It’s hard to fathom that two years ago I had 3,500 but we all have to start somewhere. If you’d like to be follower number 11, check out @CardFanatixBlog on Twitter. If you see me getting into politics this time around, please talk me out of it!

For those who read the site, THANK YOU. Hope you and your families have a safe holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year. May all your cardboard goals and dreams come to reality!

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