I Purchased A Knock Off Superfractor

By 2019, I had given up on ever finding a pack-pulled Topps Superfractor. As production ramped up and the Topps flood went into full swing, the odds weren’t in my favor. I’ve pulled “one of one” cards before but they have always been the less desirable, nowhere near as valuable printing plates. Like most sluggers from the 80s and 90s, I took the easy way out and cheated. I purchased, on eBay, the cheapest Superfractor I could find just to finally get my hands on one. It actually worked out really well.

Two years later curiosity got the best of me so I decided to purchase the cheapest Superfractor rip-off in sports cards. In case you don’t know, Topps’ Superfractor pattern has been stolen by Brian Grey’s cheap version of Leaf and also Panini America. Neither version carries the weight of the Topps original, which is why I was able to grab the card you see below for just $10.50. Okay, it helped that the player on the card was a career Minor Leaguer who never made it close to ‘The Show’ but that’s beyond the facts.

I’ll give credit where it’s due. This 2011 Leaf Draft Gold Super looks about as sharp as anything produced by Topps. The photograph selected works well and is crisp, as is the autograph, and yes, even the stolen Superfractor pattern. If I was collecting in 2011, I’d probably go after a few boxes of Leaf Draft for the right price. As for Mr. Harrison, he never made it beyond AA and hit just 38 bombs in over 600 games. What’s strange is that his best year seemed to be his last one but he surprisingly retired at age 25.

As for the Topps vs. Leaf debate, there is a Travis Harrison 2011 Topps Canary Refractor on eBay that sold for $2.50 more than the Leaf knockoff so nothing has really changed. If you want an original Superfractor, kick these wanna-be Supers from Leaf & Panini to the curb and save up for what is, until the Topps/MLB deal is finally over, the TRUE Superfractor in sports cards. Who knows what Fanatics will produce if they don’t purchase Topps. Could the end of the Topps Superfractor be right around the corner?

I’m going to dig up my Topps Superfractor I purchased in 2019 and will be holding a contest for both these cards on Twitter, hopefully within the next couple of days. Combined, their value is only around $50 dollars but if you are a baseball card aficionado who appreciates card history, these are two important cards in The Hobby. It won’t hurt that the contest is 100% free to enter so long as you retweet and follow. For those out of the loop, my Twitter handle is @NotMario .

2 thoughts on “I Purchased A Knock Off Superfractor

  1. I don’t know if it’s because I was on a collecting hiatus at the time of their introduction, or what, but I have never understood the appeal of the superfractors, and I suppose at this point I never will.

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