New Domain & More

The Baseball Card Blog can now be found at (get it?). My old Twitter account with over 5,000 followers was deleted in 2019. I can now be found at @NotMario33 on Twitter if you’d like to follow me. I am only at around 250 followers but that’s because I don’t run daily or even weekly contest. All I provide is #TheHobby commentary and opinions. If that’s something you’re into, follow me.

I will also have a full-length article coming Friday (8-27) looking back at two products that eviscerated the reputations of Topps Company (in football) and Upper Deck (in baseball). Both companies would eventually lose their respective licenses. One came directly due to the product I will be discussing on Friday and the other one certainly must have gotten the ball rolling for the debut of Panini America Football years later.

I’ll give you a hint:

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