New Content Coming Soon

It’s been a year since my last article.
It’s been even longer since my last card-related purchase.

As is usually the case, once you are a collector (and I have been since 1990), the itch truly never goes away. Once I get settled in, I will begin writing once again.

Thank you to all who keep checking in (mostly thanks to Google) and even those who leave angry comments. Like 2pac once said, “all publicity is good publicity”.

Keep collecting, even if its Leaf … and make sure to check back in soon.

-Mario A.

6 thoughts on “New Content Coming Soon

  1. Looking forward to what you have to write/say. It’s been a rather interesting year+ in the sports card and memorabilia world since you last posted anything. Who would have thought that people would pull guns and have fist fights at department stores over sports cards and Pokémon cards!!!

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