Chasing the Impossible Dream

For anyone who knows me, it’s probably impossible to fathom. I’m a collector going on three decades, who spent his childhood, adolescence, and adult life worshipping one player. Hindsight is 20/20 but most will have to admit that they did not expect Jose Canseco’s star to burn out the way it did. Did he deserve it? Yup. Jose made a career out of being lazy on the field and an asshole off of it. If anyone deserved a public downfall from being the #1 athlete in the world to the laughing stock at the end of his career, it was Mr. 40-40, Jose Canseco.

Things changed for me in 2007, though. I had just rediscovered my love of collecting after a 9-year absence and absolutely fell madly in love with 2007 Topps Chrome. I paid $120 for a box from a card shop (again, remember those?) and found inside a Refractor rookie autograph of a 6 foot 7 southpaw named Andrew Miller. At the time, I was still checking Beckett Baseball and found the book price to be in the $100 range. I was ecstatic despite not knowing a thing about Miller. Two weeks later, Andrew Miller was traded from the Detroit Tigers to the Florida Marlins, my home team.

Over the course of a very shaky year for Miller, which has turned into an entire career, Andrew went out of his way to sign autographs for my girlfriend and I multiple times. Andrew even went as far as remembering my name and even tracking us down at the Marlins Fan Fest to say hello. It was such a welcomed change from being a fan of the moody and often rude Canseco. I became an instant fan and began tracking down all of Miller’s 2007 issues, which at the time were still worth way more than they should have been. By the end of the season, I had over 100 autographs.

Still, nothing compared to my Refractor autograph from ’07 Finest. I eventually picked up the base, Green, Blue, Black, X-fractor, and Gold refractor autographs. All in all, I spent around $500 for the entire set, minus the elusive 1/1 Superfractor and all four 1/1 printing plates, which I never even got close enough to sniff. I spent the next five years checking eBay like an addict and never found the Superfractor. Eventually, Andrew flamed out of Miami and landed on the Indians and put on a few pitching clinics, which temporarily made his cards surge like they had in the past. It didn’t last long.

So here is my plea to the collector who has my Rosebud of trading cards. Andrew Miller, sadly, did not live up to his career expectations. He comes with a career 4.00+ ERA, has been on 7 teams, and will be 35 if the 2020 season ever starts. He’s deep on the downside but if you’d like to make a reasonable deal to a true fan of Mr. Miller, please contact me. I have spent the last 13 years agonizing over the Superfractor. Please, if you find it in your heart, contact me. Let’s make a deal. After thirty long years of collecting and nearly 15 years of blogging, it’s the only card I want.

I beg of you. Help me find the 2007 Topps Finest Andrew Miller Superfractor.

3 thoughts on “Chasing the Impossible Dream

  1. I’m loving all these blog posts..keep them up. (Sorry can’t help you with the card).

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