The Final Twitter Suspension

So I’ve been getting lots of emails because not even a week after posting that I was going on a temporary hiatus, my TheWaxHeaven Twitter account with 3,000 followers was permanently suspended.

To be honest, it was a relief. I was wasting far too much time on Twitter trying to open the eyes of collectors who were being scammed by card companies, grading companies, even fellow collectors. It made me persona non grata amongst the shills of Twitter who run Hobby infomercials and got me labeled as “negative” by many.

This all despite spending 13 years as a Hobby blogger and another 30 as a collector. All you have to do is surf my archives to see more than a decade’s worth of articles I’ve written since 2007. I felt that my Twitter ban may have come from several hobby accounts reporting my content buuuut …. as it turns out, it was due to my trolling of a former YouTube loser named “Joey Salads”. For those lucky enough to not be familiar with his “work”, Salads is running for Congress and also once upon a time drank his own urine and wore a Nazi symbol in public.

I’ve never followed Salads but his Tweets often appeared on my feed at which point I’d comment something along the lines of “go drink piss”. I’d done that for almost a year not thinking much of it. Turns out, Twitter was keeping tabs. A few weeks after my suspension, I reached out and got this response:

So it turns out, despite being universally blocked or muted by endless collectors, it was my targeted harassment of Salads that got me booted. I did not have a burner so I’ve been away for seemingly forever because quite honestly I felt my content and humor was often misunderstood by the masses. The few who did tolerate me, well, gotta say THANK YOU.

I will be back, eventually. Perhaps I’ll return with a few giveaways to start a new account off on a right foot but for now, check out all the articles you may have missed out on in the archives. I worked very hard on them, especially the stuff from 2017-2019.

Peace and Love,

Mario A.