Everything Wrong with Collecting in One Tweet

Calm down, flippers/investors … this isn’t about you. If you’re willing to spend $20,000+ on a Superfractor of a 21-year old catcher who is still seasons away from the Majors and with just 37 Minor League games under his belt, that’s on you. We as Americans are FREE to spend ridiculous amounts of money on guns, beer, and Bowman prospects. However, don’t count on us bloggers to stay silent if and when Adley becomes the next Kyle Skipworth. Anyone remember that “can’t-miss catcher”?

I’m serious, though. Someone paid $23,000 for Adley’s Bowman Superfractor. For a catcher. A CATCHER. Can you believe that? I’d love to blame Gary V. for this but Superfractor-Mania has been running wild for over a decade now. I still remember the poor fool who paid over $5,000 for Joba Chamberlain’s 2007 Bowman Chrome Superfractor. The only difference then is that there was only one Super, these days you will find dozens on any given player. Topps has managed to water down even the 1/1.

AGAIN, the issue is not the price or the ridiculousness of the situation but on PSA’s highly-dubious grade of the card, which you can see above was given a 10 GEM MT. This makes the Adley Superfractor easily a card now worth $50,000 or more thanks to the unfortunate prestige graded cards receive on the secondary market. All this despite a horrifying scandal that has yet to be resolved but has been almost completely and conveniently been forgotten by most collectors.

Many of us already know that both PSA and BGS grading is a joke. Grades can be bought, as has been proven by Leaf’s employee, Joe Clemons, and has been exposed multiple times on the Blowout Card forums. While “Joe Collector” sends out a small number of submissions per year hoping for a 9.5, big time dealers with friends inside of these grading companies walk away with scores of GEM MT and PRISTINES with little to no effort because time and time again it’s been proven that in this hobby, money talks.

Check out the corners of this Adley Rutschman Superfractor. This image comes directly from PSA’s Twitter account in which they proudly display the grade and got trolled so hard by honest collectors that they began to use Twitter’s Hide Tweets feature to save face. This image below features just a small sample of the damage on this card. All small, sure, but more than enough reason NOT to give this card a perfect grade unless of course, your company is running a SCAM operation.

Amazingly enough, no major outlet in this industry has spoken out regarding this scandal, which by the way is still being exposed weekly. Beckett Media, our Bible of collecting growing up has remained dead silent on the matter. Perhaps it’s the huge conflict of interest that is keeping them quiet. As you know, BGS Grading is part of Beckett Media. Imagine that, the same company that grades your cards also places an official value on said card. Hmm …

In case you’re keeping track: Don’t do business with PSA or BGS Grading, as well as PWCC Auctions. These companies and others are part of the problem in this hobby and until someone steps in to regulate them, they will continue to SCAM you out of your hard-earned money. Get in on the action at Blowout Cards forum to stay up to date and as always, do not let these scumbags rip you off on your next purchase. Hopefully, one day soon, the FBI will flush them out of the industry.

I should add, this GEM MT grade means the card will likely once again be flipped for double or more profit on eBay and will make the rounds all over social media and yes, likely Beckett, because that’s what they do. You can also expect the blowhards at GO GTS LIVE to be all over it as well. In turn, that exposure will generate more $$$ for Topps and bring out Gary V. types that will be breaking anything and everything Bowman looking for a repeat performance of the Superfractor.

All this attention will cause Topps to print even more product than they are at the moment, creating even more future Junk Wax because if Topps sells out then it’s us collectors and flippers who are at fault, right? Hopefully, soon enough this section of the hobby will be abandoned by collectors so the investors can just sell their warez back and forth to each other all while sucking on Gary V’s teets for attention on Twitter. Remember my words, the bubble is going to burst sooner than later.

7 thoughts on “Everything Wrong with Collecting in One Tweet

  1. You have expressed all of my feelings exactly on the whole graded card industry as well as what is ruining the hobby. I have never intentionally bought a graded card, nor have I ever had a card graded. Those I do own came in huge card lots I bought off someone getting rid of his collection. I can’t wait till the whole industry scam does get officially exposed. Those who refuse to accept what Blowout Cards has exposed are afraid of the losses they will have in their own collection. I feel for them but when a $ value is all they are after, then are they really collectors / hobbyists or investors?

  2. I collect what I collect with zero interest of ever flipping. My collection focuses on my favorite player of all time (Andrew McCutchen), a World Series hero who was born in my hometown (Charlie Morton), and one of the greatest to ever play the game (Roberto Clemente) and they all played for the Pirates, my favorite team. I could easily flip my Morton cards or Gerrit Cole cards for 10x what I paid, but I choose not to because I am a collector. Not an investor. Those that spend 5 digits for a teenage baseball player in A ball have lost their damn minds. Thanks for this post. It helps prove how silly this hobby has gotten with trying to find “the next Trout”

  3. Good piece. It’s crazy the way cards of people who might be superstars someday can go for more than comparable cards of people who ARE superstars.

    As for the grading companies, that should be an abject lesson to anyone who thinks that turning all regulation over to the private sector would be good. At least PSA/BGS grading won’t result in anyone’s food being poisoned….

  4. You’d think that PSA and other grading companies would learn from their mistakes and realize that there are enough collectors out there looking for them to mess up and call them out. Not sure if they’re living by the “all publicity, including bad publicity equals good publicity” philosophy… but this stuff is getting ridiculous now. It’s almost like they’re trying to get the most money out of the industry right now before like you said… the whole thing collapses. The sad thing is… if the hobby crashes again… I’m not sure there’s a third times a charm.

  5. Amen to you and the commenters. The only graded cards I have came with card almanac books. I keep them to show people what they are (and how frivolous the concept is). The only use for grading is sight-unseen purchasing, but even that’s hypocrisy like you mention.

    I have a draft for a blog post about trying to justify the hundreds of pre-MLB cards that exist of prospects that haven’t “busted a grape” yet in the majors, most of which are autographed.

    Between that and all the old-boy network shill bidding and inflated pricing that you discuss, it all has to collapse when the voice of reason finally gets through. Just waiting for the shockwave.

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