You Give Breakers A Bad Name

I’m about to make a pretty big contradictory statement. I don’t get group breakers. I don’t see any appeal whatsoever in buying a box or team/player slot and watching someone else open my pack of cards. There was no greater feeling as a kid (or an adult) then purchasing a box of your favorite product and rushing home to open each and every pack. Sometimes, there was so much excitement you’d bust the entire box at your local card shop. I’d never pay money for someone else to experience that.

All that being said, breakers have saved collecting for me. Before breakers, I was the idiot who purchased a box or more of every single baseball release per year. It was fun but expensive and in the end was the equivalent of taking good money and wiping your butt with it. It’s clear that the influence and amount of product breakers are buying has caused Topps Company to start printing up more cards than in the past five years, causing cards on the secondary market to drop in value.

Thanks to breaker culture, I can buy up 95% of the Jose Canseco cards I need for the entire year, all at once in December. There is no longer high demand due to the amount of cards on the market and very little reason to rush out because there will always be cards available. Yes, the market is flooded but if collectors are buying them, how is Topps to blame? Topps is in the business to make money before anything else and thanks to breakers, business is very, very good.

So that brings us to Platinum Card Breaks, a small-time breaker out of North Carolina. I discovered that the principal of this company is David Collins. During the last days of 2019, Collins or one of his employees pulled a Lauri Markkanen 1/1 from Panini Prizm. In a mad rush to put the card in a One Touch and add their worthless branding sticker, someone shut the One Touch directly on the right corner of the card, presumably causing enough damage to lose out on a GEM MINT at the very least.

At first, all collectors did was point out the error on Instagram and Twitter to which David Collins (or his lackeys) chose to ignore everything as if it would somehow go away on its own. That’s when #TheHobby family, yours included, began Tweeting about it. By mid-day, someone even made a hilarious parody video on the matter. This caused Collins to delete the Instagram post and lock down all comments on their posts moving forward. If silence was David’s response, it would have been sufficient.

My advice would have been to make a new video and/or Instagram post apologizing for the careless error, promising better handling moving forward and refunding the customer who had his card damaged. Instead, what was done went beyond childish and in my opinion caused irreparable damage to their business. Someone, not identified, made a video stating that they purchased the damaged card and proceeded to slice it in half as a response to all the “haters”.

This may seem “cool” if you’re say, I don’t know, 12, but for someone running a business, it’s a grave mistake and shows the world just how awful your customer support is. For starters, if you are looking to break with a company, you have literally hundreds of options available to you and this type of behavior would surely turn off many potential customers. In the end, who you choose to break with should be level-headed and able to at least properly handle valuable cards. Platinum Card Breaks failed on both counts.

By the end of the day, said card had made its way on to eBay, although it’s not confirmed if the auction was authentic and being run by Platinum Card Breaks. Eventually, the auction hit over $20,000, which is almost guaranteed to have been shilled by Platinum and/or his loser buddies. I can no longer find the auction so I am assuming eBay took it down but what Platinum Card Breaks thinks is humorous has the potential to bring down his business.

With his reputation in shambles, now is the time for a public apology.

7 thoughts on “You Give Breakers A Bad Name

  1. I stay away from these guys too. There are so many of them, and just not my preferred way of interacting with the hobby.

  2. Wow. This post sure went in a different direction fast. My students would call that video clip one of those “cringy” moments. As for group breaks in general, they’re not my thing. I’ve bought into them to help support the person running the break… or if I thought the break was a good deal. But I think it’s been at least a year or two since I’ve joined one.

  3. People called him out and said he had damaged the card. what do you do at that point? negotiate with the customer what the right thing to do from their end is. and that is what they did. settled on a price 2-3x the card’s worth. Lauri Markkanen non-RC nebula? you are not getting $25k for that. a bronze fast break prizm /20 PSA 10 rookie of his went for $555.55 at auction ( the most expensive psa 10 luka rookie in the past 90 days went for $2838 (
    If it was a Zion? All bets are off, that’s a whole other level.
    Did he handle it childishly? yeh, probably. what is the optimal response in that moment though? I might have missed part of the story, but if you fuck up you have to make it right and it seems like he did (unless he denied it and tried to completely cover it up – which is hard to imagine since their streams from multiple cameras are recorded to youtube, breakers along with wherever else – but I’m not ruling it out). not trying to take to the angry mob side, nor am i trying to defend the course of actions. i’ve been known to be braindead sometimes so if someone wants to tell me the obvious answer i’m missing (not meant sarcastically) that should have happened, or a better way to handle it, i truly want to hear all sides. as i said before, i might have missed part of the story.
    edit: really just a collector commenting, I have no dog in this fight. appreciate any constructive feedback to learn more. thanks.

  4. Check out PYT 285 from National Treasures
    This is not the first time !
    I’m surprised this video is still live .

  5. I wish you could show break.. PYT 285 NT football
    This time he ripped up a card of lbgq player , a was giggled cause he was gay !!!!!!

  6. this didn’t age well – plat is far from a small time breaker. lol. Guess all that your hate piece did is drive business. They are one of themost respected break houses in the business. oooops on your end.

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