The Cardfrontation Podcast – Ep. 2

It took 651 days but the second episode of the Cardfrontation Podcast has finally arrived! In this episode, you can hear my final take on Gary V., plus an update on the infamous ‘Card Cop’, who finds himself in a legal battle over a stolen card.

In case you missed it, ‘Card Cop’, James McCay, was the guest on the inaugural episode of Cardfrontation Podcast, which took a turn for the worst and was never released in its entirety. Instead, four, 10-minute previews made it on Soundcloud.

You can listen to episode 2 HERE.

2 thoughts on “The Cardfrontation Podcast – Ep. 2

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  1. Awesome job… as usual. Looking forward to listening to Episode 3. to hear about the “downfall” of Wax Heaven and an update on Card Cop.

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