A Tale of Redemption: Or How I Scammed the Greatest Canseco Collector of All-Time

I know what you’re thinking. “Wait a minute, that’s not Tanner Jones!”

That’s correct. Who could possibly rip off such a wholesome guy like Tanman? After all, Tanner sold me a dream card from 1990 of Jose Canseco THAT I DID NOT EVEN KNOW EXISTED. No, Tanman and I are on good terms even if I do take a subtle jab or two about his former obsession every now and then.

No, the man I ripped off isn’t as popular or well-known as Tanner but he holds a secret only a few know. His name is A.J and his Jose Canseco collection is greater than Tanner’s before and definitely after he sold off and became a best-selling author. By the way, if you haven’t purchased his book, what are you waiting for?

Yes, Tanner was a custom card GOD (no blasphemy intended) and while he was spending time with Canseco at his home (wonder how much that set him back), A.J. (or Razor, as I knew him) was slowly and methodically putting together the perfect Jose Canseco collection through connections and on secondary markets with zero publicity.

I first ran into Razor in 2009 just days before I shut down the most popular card blog known to man (for 2 years, anyway), Wax Heaven. He saw a somewhat rare Jose Canseco Independent League issue on my site and offered to take it off my hands. I have never sold cards I didn’t have doubles of but he finally talked me into it after a few days.

Just a day before shutting down Wax Heaven, a PayPal payment came into my account from Razor for somewhere between $20-$40 dollars. Neither one of us remembers the amount but what we do recall is that I agreed to send him the card. Unfortunately, “real life” interfered and I found myself without a home (back to Mom’s) after a nasty break-up.

I hate to admit it but Razor’s card was the last thing on my mind. I left behind close to 30,000 baseball cards, thousands of “hits”, signed memorabilia, and unopened boxes from card manufacturers that I intended on bustin’ and reviewing. All that I took with me was my Canseco collection, my dog Bailey, and some clothes.

After three years, I got the “itch” to start writing again so I opened Wax Heaven 2.0, a blog that showed me that no matter how hard you try, lightning never strikes twice. After a few months, I began having issues with my then current girlfriend, whom I had a child with and stopped writing again. I returned in 2013 with another blog but gave it up, too.

Sometime in late 2012, while preparing for a huge custody battle for my daughter, I went to check my old Wax Heaven email account. Unlike the good old days when I’d sign in to 20-30 emails or more, there was only one and boy was it an angry one from my old Canseco friend named “Razor”.

To use the word “livid” would be an understatement, however, I deserved his wrath. I had done the unthinkable. I took his money and ran. I didn’t do it on purpose but I did it. Guilty as charged. You know what I did next? If you answered “made things worse” you are absolutely right!

I was in the middle of a $7,000 dollar custody battle and Razor chewed me out at the very worst possible moment. Not only was my savings being depleted but my heart was breaking from not only losing the love of my life but the split of my family. I wish I had taken a moment to think but my response was as raw as a Jose Canseco bar fight.

“Go fuck yourself. I got more important things on my mind than your fucking baseball card.”

I wasn’t thinking about the money, which was next to nothing at the time. I was just annoyed but truly had no right to be. I was 100% in the wrong. In the end, I won the custody battle and in 2013 officially became a single father with full custody of my daughter. It took a few years but in December 2017, I made my 4th or 5th return to blogging about cards.

As you can imagine, one of the first people who contacted me upon my return was Razor. This time, however, we just talked about Jose Canseco cards. Now 9 years removed from the failed transaction, I had completely forgotten it until this past Sunday when I was sorting and ran into the card which has no right to be in my possession. It all came back to me instantly.

Today, I sent out the Jose Canseco card I promised Razor way back in 2009. It’s only a few years late but I hope it gets to you safely. Thanks for your never-ending messages of new Canseco cards acquired and congratulations on becoming the first ever Hyper Collector. Most of all, thanks for not ratting me out for being another douchebag Canseco collector.

Dab on them haters, Ava Lynn!

You can check out Razor on Twitter. He’s a super high-end Jose Canseco collector so if you find yourself with a one of a kind card, reach out to him. You will likely get way above what you would on eBay. Razor does not like competition. His pockets are deep and his Pay Pal is always full.

-Mario A. Castillo



One thought on “A Tale of Redemption: Or How I Scammed the Greatest Canseco Collector of All-Time

  1. To err is human. It’s never easy to admit you’re in the wrong. Good to see that you eventually made things right. You’re a class act Mario!

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