The Lost Battle of Sticker Autographs

By all accounts, the National Sports Collectors Convention was a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos, videos, and first-hand accounts from friends on Twitter. Things in Cleveland looked so fun that it actually made me regret missing out on the event and set forth the beginnings of a plan to attend the next show in Chicago in 2019.

At this point, I’ve set my collecting focus to cards of Jose Canseco released from 1986-1999. I’d estimate that I have maybe 95% of all releases from that period and really have pulled away from buying any more 2018 products. I must say, though, Topps hit it out of the park with Canseco in Stadium Club and Allen and Ginter.

To my surprise, Topps produced an absolutely awesome Bowman card of Jose Canseco for the National, which is a thrill from me because it’s been almost two decades since I’ve seen him in a Bowman flagship. The card itself also appears to use yet another never before seen photograph and has lots of beautiful Refractor parallels.

As much as I rag on Topps, I will never turn my back on Chrome and Refractors and despite Leaf and Panini’s efforts, NO ONE does either gimmick as good as Topps does and this NSCC-exclusive proves that no matter what, Topps rules when it comes to Chrome and Refractors. Well, except for one, sticky problem.

There are plenty of beautiful base cards with lots of different parallels but when it comes to the signed version of the card, a bonus that could have made this THE Jose Canseco card of 2018, Topps went with a sticker autograph. Unfortunately, despite my feelings on stickers, I can understand why.

Simply put, it’s very likely these cards were printed last-minute and Topps used whatever stickers they had remaining and trust me, there will never be a shortage. Also, these days Jose is still not very reliable and it is possible that he would have not signed these cards in time, if ever at all.

Topps produced a third-straight beautiful Jose Canseco card which I loved from the second I saw it but due to the sticker on a brand that traditionally is on-card only, I have to give this version a hard pass. I do have to thank Topps for another great base card for me to chase before the year is out.

As for this National exclusive, there are only two signed versions on eBay at the moment with one having a $300 dollar price tag. With all due respect to the crazy Canseco super collectors … a Jose Canseco certified autograph is worth no more than $20 dollars. I don’t care what card it is slapped on to.

It does not matter anymore if the card is serial numbered to 5 or 500, there are literally probably close to 100,000 baseball cards with Jose’s signature on it with more being released literally every single week. Beckett’s Ryan Cracknell coined the term “Collect What You Love”. I say, “Spend Your Money Wisely”.

I am not here to bash the man because he has been incredibly friendly and helpful to me but look at “Tanman”, who was seemingly picking up 25-50 Canseco autos and rare cards every week. That collection is now up on eBay for $80,000 dollars. That’s what happens when you don’t Spend Your Money Wisely.

It’s 2018, Jose’s 462 home runs means absolutely nothing. He will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame and never broke any significant records. He was a flashy, cocky, HUNK who came into the league and was destined for Cooperstown but burnt out badly. No one in their right mind will spend $80,000 on a collection of his baseball cards.

Thankfully, Tanner appears to be very well off and successful with a family and a happy home life. That is worth more than any Jose Canseco baseball card. I say odds are that Tanman makes his money back on Jose are about as low as Canseco himself being signed by a Major League team in 2019.

You are probably asking why do I even collect Jose Canseco baseball cards. Well, because I’ve done it since I was 10 and I’m pushing 40. This is a time in my life when nostalgia kicks into high gear. I spend lots on his cards for the joy it brings me but never will I overspend and never would I look at it as an investment.

You wanna invest in sports cards? I’d recommend Mike Trout.


3 thoughts on “The Lost Battle of Sticker Autographs

  1. Yes, it’s a lost battle, but it still sucks. I guess I was spoiled during 96-98 when Donruss/Leaf Signature first hit the scene and every auto was on card. I know there were other brands before and after but hey, 1 auto per pack was certainly nothing to sneeze at.

  2. Maybe Jose himself will get drunk sometime in the near future and accidentally press the BIN button for Tanman’s collection. I’m sure he can afford the $80k price tag.

  3. The odds of finding one person to buy it all are slim, however, my posting was to get exposure for my collection and it has worked very well. I could not be happier with how the selling has been going 🙂 I’m very thankful that my collection is truly *not* ‘what happens when you don’t spend your money wisely’.

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