Phil Hendrie to the Rescue

As a 38-year-old man who began collecting at the age of 10, I have been chasing baseball cards most of my life. While it has been an extremely rewarding hobby, like many collectors, at times, I found myself overweight and unhappy with my physical appearance. For me, it was due to hours and hours of inactivity either writing about cards or many times, obsessively organizing my collection. For me, those activities always involved snacks and my vice of choice, soda. By 2015, I was ready for a change.

At the age of 35, with the help of a strict diet and cardio, I ended up losing nearly 60 lbs. in under three months. While I was finally “free” from my one-way road to diabetes or worse, I was also painfully scrawny. Having grown up admiring Jose Canseco, a man who was as famous for his huge biceps and tape measure home runs as his baseball skills, I was ready to bulk up but had never seriously done any type of weight lifting in my life. This would be a journey I’d need a little help completing.

Initially, I began my strength training assisted by overpriced and very limited supplements purchased through GNC and eventually in online-only stores. As I pushed my 40s, I felt fatigued and many times had no interest in hitting the gym. These supplements provided temporarily energy that I could use to work out but while I was beginning to see some “gains”, I still looked and felt very scrawny compared to other guys I was seeing regularly at the gym.

It was at that point that I chose to take things to the next level, which involved the one thing that almost made me lose all respect for my hero: Steroids. The thing is, I didn’t understand Steroids but eventually I learned that my testosterone level was lower than it should have been, which was the reason I always felt tired and sleepy. After several weeks of studying, I took the plunge and began injecting testosterone with Decadurabolin and Trenbolone. The results were immediate.

I no longer needed to spend thousands of dollars every 3-6 months on worthless supplements and my energy went through the roof. I was able to not only work a full schedule but I now looked forward to coming home and being active with my daughter, taking her out to the park and much more. By the time she went to bed and I hit the gym, I felt like a monster. Do I recommend Steroids to others looking to enter a weight loss program? Absolutely not.

For me, Steroids have been a blessing … a map to the fountain of youth. At 38 years of age, I feel healthier and look better than I did when I was 17 and buying up packs of Pinnacle Brands. There are dangers involved and of course, side affects. For me, the biggest side effect has been insomnia, which is why I am writing an article at 2:34 in the morning when I have to be up at 6 AM on Saturday. That of course is where Phil Hendrie and this Rick and Morty card comes into play.

During my now three-year long battle with Insomnia I tried everything I could to fall asleep. One night, I discovered the Phil Hendrie Show, a podcast hosted by a radio legend with a cast of 4 panelists and 2-3 guests per show. What makes this show stand out, however, is every single person on that show is voiced by Phil Hendrie and none of it is edited. The man is the literal definition of a genius and for some reason, his podcast but more importantly, his voice, knocks me out every time.

I can’t even begin to express my adoration for Mr. Hendrie. He has literally eased my insomnia and brought me hours and hours of joy. Never in my life though, did I expect to see him in an official trading card set. My mind was utterly blown because not only are there several versions but they are all on-card and look wonderful. For any fan of comedy and theater, I recommend downloading the Phil Hendrie Podcast as soon as possible, it is the absolute best discovery I have ever been fortunate enough to make.

Well, maybe the second best discovery of my life.


One thought on “Phil Hendrie to the Rescue

  1. Damn. Can’t believe I never heard of this dude until now. I’ve gotta see if his podcasts are still around somewhere.

    P.S. Is it possible that this is the first trading card to feature the word “vagina”?

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