Dealing with Crippling Writer’s Block

Man, April has been tough for me. My work scheduled has increased which has in turn tightened all my other activities and how much time I have for them. As a single father with full custodial rights, my main priorities are working and taking care of my daughter. Other less important activities include working out and being involved in my daughter’s school and other activities. Up until late March, I had time for all that and more, which resulted in this blog being updated frequently.

Unfortunately, something big happened about three weeks ago. The itch returned and I fell full force back into collecting Jose Canseco cards. Now, I spend all day long refreshing eBay on my work computer and at home on my app, waiting to see what treasure will show up next. You’d think this would have pushed me further into blogging but if anything, it’s actually taken away my spare time. Now, a lot of it is going on Twitter, where I have become somewhat of a regular.

So while my love for collecting is back and my love for writing has always been there, please pardon the dust as I settle back into my role of part-time hobby blogger. Some days, I just won’t have much to say but you can always find me on Twitter posting random card images, videos of my recent card pick ups, or retweeting other card-related content which I absolutely love doing. I may not have a 1,000 post count per year in me anymore but I still have lots to say (once in a while).

Recently, much more reliable card blogger Night Owl Cards celebrated his 2,000,000 visitor and 4,000th post which made me realize just how weak my stats are in comparison. This blog is slowly pushing 3,000 posts with this particular story being #2,789. I am pulling an Albert Pujols here by playing out my final days and padding those Hall of Fame numbers. I’d like to think I have 3,000 in me still but who knows, really? One thing is for sure, collecting again has made me very happy.

Finally, I’d like to thank Andy for his piece on the glory days of Wax Heaven titled, Long Live The King. I appreciate the kind words. For new collectors who weren’t around in 2008-09 you probably don’t know that once upon a time, I use to be over. That’s a wrestling term, in case you are unaware. Right now, however, I feel like an over the hill Hulk Hogan, desperately trying to be hip again in the face of newer, fresher wrestling talent.

So while I am battling writer’s block, here is a small gallery of cards I have always been fond of despite their label by other collectors as “unlicensed crap”. Yes, these cards are bootlegs but for the era, the fact that they are memorable to many means a lot. In 1991, there truly was a lot of garbage “Broder” cards in every card shop and show known to man, most looked like they were produced by a blind art school drop out with free access to a public library printer.

Kalifornia Kards, despite their cheesy name, bucked the trend and produced a small, 5-piece set that in my opinion, as far as unlicensed cards go, stood the test of time. Of course, that’s just me. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think. The checklist features a young Griffey Jr., Bo Jackson, who was in the final days of his stardom, and Jose Canseco, who also was soon to have little arrows pointing down in Beckett price guides for the rest of his life.

As you can imagine, these cards are dirt cheap on the secondary market and rightfully so since we will never know their print run or even who was behind the set. However, for a collector looking for something different to add to their collection, these would make interesting, in person or through the mail autograph submissions followed by a BGS or PSA slab to add to their appeal. Obviously, this wouldn’t add much value but just for aesthetic purposes, it would be a nice display piece.

So enjoy this small gallery of dinosaur relics known as unlicensed, “Broder” cards brought to you by another hobby relic, the King of Card blogs (for about two years). If you’re interested, there is also a nice Michael Jordan card by this company, as well as a David Robinson and a strange celebrity card featuring Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Albert Einstein. Again, truly an oddball but fun and well-done bootleg card set from 1991 when times were simpler and Jose Canseco was King.




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