The Cardfrontation Podcast

I have been an avid listener of podcasts since 2014 when radio legend, Phil Hendrie, moved away from traditional radio to this budding format. In that time, I also became a huge fan of podcasts by the late, Rowdy Roddy Piper and most recently ‘Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard’. I have always wanted to get into podcasting but during Wax Heaven’s initial run was the time to do so.

I am 9 years too late but with my return to blogging, I have begun planting the seeds of producing a hobby-related podcast and have just completed my first interview with none other than the infamous and very polarizing ‘CardCop’. For those unaware or too young to know, James McCay began fighting fraud in the hobby way back in 1997 with what was likely one of the first card-related websites on the Internet.

Most notably, ‘CardCop’ was perhaps best known for his time working with Donruss Playoff L.P. in 2001 for a total of just five months. Not long after, McCay was arrested for Grand Theft after he was found in possession of nearly 5,000, high-end cards which he admitted on this podcast of taking. Since then, ‘CardCop’ has gone into semi-retirement as a mysterious illness has kept him from his usual ‘CardCop’-related duties.

I spoke with James on March 5th, 2018 for well over two hours on everything from his time at Donruss, the theft he saw first-hand in the industry, the final remains of Pinnacle Brands’ cards which were purchased by Donruss, his opinion on the likes of Chris Olds, Beckett Media, Brian Grey of Leaf Trading Cards, and other notable names in the hobby and much more.

The Cardfrontation Podcast was inspired by a 1997 Pinnacle insert of the same name and will eventually be a place to discuss all things #TheHobby, that includes the good and the bad. I am not after free products from card companies and my opinions cannot be bought so you can expect my 100% honest opinions as well as the same from all my guests that come and speak with me.

Below is a 10-minute preview of my conversation with James ‘CardCop’ McCay. I will post more previews throughout the month of March until the format is in place and I have more time to produce, edit, and work on it. After all, I have a full-time job and am a single father so my plate is a little full at the moment. My goal is to have an episode or two per month or more depending on how it turns out.

In this preview, James discusses being caught with stolen Donruss property.


2 thoughts on “The Cardfrontation Podcast

  1. Great interview. Not surprised by stuff being taking out the back door and sold to companies like D&A. I remember they had a bunch of 1997 Upper Deck Tony Gwynn Game Jersey cards (1:800 packs) for less than $10. Always figured those had to be purchased directly from Upper Deck.

    Anyways… looking forward to hearing the rest of the interview… especially the part about Chris Olds.

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