Topps is the Latest In A Long Line of Cutters

The other day someone on Twitter mentioned how the most expensive 2018 Topps card on eBay was a 1/1 Charlie Gehringer cut signature which is described by the seller as “extremely rare” and has an asking price of $1,400. For those out of the loop, Gehringer was a legitimate badass and Hall of Famer with the stats to back it up. However, this card that Topps Company has decided to destroy to insert into their latest flagship is worth juuuuust a little less than the $1,400 the seller on eBay is asking for.

For starters, aside from the awful cut job by Topps … the design of this card is as bad as it gets. In some ways, a cut signature of a check may even look better at this point because when companies cut cards or in this case, postcards, the results are almost disastrous. Besides, look how much better Panini America did with Charlie’s cut signature of the very same postcard in 2015. This is just more proof that Topps really needs another true competitor.

But wait, there’s more. WAY back in 2005, Upper Deck did the very same thing and in my opinion with much nicer results than Topps’ miserable effort and Panini’s great attempt. So basically, every major card company has been cutting up these postcards and throwing them into their product not just Topps. Unfortunately, the only official card company’s effort was hands down the most awful. #ThanksTopps

For those curious, the Panini America version is on eBay for $450 dollars but features three game-used relics which I edited out for this story. The gorgeous Upper Deck version? Just a fraction of the Topps card with a Buy It Now of $119.95. Now, if you want to be weird and buy the full postcard signed by Gehringer and authenticated by a grading company all you have to pay is $32 dollars or LESS. Yes, it will literally cost you a fraction of the price of an entire box of 2018 Topps.

Who knows, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll pull a cut signature of “The Mechanical Man”.


3 thoughts on “Topps is the Latest In A Long Line of Cutters

  1. Egad – that thing is horrid. It amazes me that the original, signed postcard sells for a fraction of it’s cut-down brethren; you’d think that’d be the most desirable. At any rate, let’s hope that (against all odds) the Topps monopoly ends in 2020.

  2. Topps must have hired the guy who designed those TriStar Signa Cuts cards. That Gehringer is bad. I wouldn’t buy that card even if he/she had a 95% off sale.

  3. […] they see it as a welcome addition to their box break. Sure, that 1/1 is really a card that has thousands of copies floating around but hey, whatever justifies you spending your money is your business. I just […]

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