It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Take a look at the back of that 2018 Topps flagship card you see below. Is that not the most heartbreaking image any collector over the age of 25 has ever seen? After limiting the number of years of stats available, it appears that Topps has officially gone down to just one season per card. In its place, an awful Twitter & Instagram plug. I would hope more than anything that Adrian Beltre’s card has his MySpace username because, well … he’s old.

CREDIT: @SportsCardNews

Look, it’s 2018. I would love more than anything to see someone like Adrian Beltre’s twenty-year stat line on the back of his 2018 card even if today’s popular stats aren’t exactly what is featured on cards anyway. As a person who is not very social on Twitter and just posts random stuff, one thing I could not care less to see on a Topps card is a player’s Twitter handle. It just doesn’t appeal to me one bit.

I hate to be THAT guy, ranting and raving over the back of a baseball card because in my day they were so perfect but for fuck’s sake, Topps. Look at the back of this 1995 card from your flagship. Now look at the 2018 version. Now go back to 1995. Now, 2018. How in the fuck did you decide that your new version is somehow better or more appealing than what you had OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO?!?

Let me calm down a little … 

In an age when technology has more information available at your fingertips than ever before, stats on the back of cards aren’t exactly that important anymore but it is a long tradition that Topps just shit all over. In its place, a social media username where fans can go to hear player’s opinion on everything from Donald Trump to whatever restaurant or food they enjoy. Call me old … and I am … but I’d rather see STATS.

Am I overreacting?


4 thoughts on “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

  1. Nope, not over-reacting. The backs of 96 and 97 Certified with other team logos are some of my favorite. 1987 Topps backs also for some reason I can’t explain.

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