Ever Wanted A Passport of your Favorite Player?

No? Me, neither. However, if you answered “YES”, buddy, have I got the PERFECT insert set for you collecting needs and it won’t cost you more than a few dollars or even less per card.

By 1997, Pinnacle Brands was on its very last legs to stand on and were pumping out one crazy idea after another. One of one printing plates, cards in a can, coins in a card, cards in a card. If it was new and strange, odds are, Pinnacle came up with it.

Below is a scan of one of Pinnacle’s ‘Passport to the Majors’ insert. This 25-card set featured most of the greatest stars of the game of the time (minus Jose) and were seeded at 1:36 packs. I myself pulled a Sammy Sosa from a pack over 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, because the card opens up like an actual passport, it is impossible to display and will look plain and ugly in your top loader, unless you’re the kind of weirdo who loves the look of a passport cover.

God bless Pinnacle Brands. I miss them more with every single story I write. I am going to have to work on getting a weekly ‘Crazy Pinnacle Idea’ feature on Wax Heaven before the month ends. I could literally write well into 2030.


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