Pardon the DUST (Y), Wax Heaven is Back!

Over the past three weeks, I’ve written more than 20 posts for Wax Heaven. This is the most I’ve written since November of 2009. This is not a passing fad. My love for trading cards wasn’t suddenly reincarnated. I will always be a collector, privately and through this blog. I just so happened to have a good amount of free time through the holidays.

Now, the bad news. When I began Wax Heaven in late-2007, WordPress wasn’t hosting images, so 95% of my content from 2007-2010 was hosted on Photobucket. At some point over the past 5 years, Photobucket changed their free services and my hard work has been turned into very annoying images like the one you see below.

I don’t have any plans on paying for Photobucket now that WordPress offers hosting space. I do have plans on buying a domain name and pushing Wax Heaven again but in a much less, obnoxious, SPAMMY way. Those are plans for down the road. For now, it’s baby steps and the next one is my first card show since 2015!

On January 20th, I will be at the Tampa Sports Cards Show to see what kind of trouble I can get into. My priority is Jose Canseco cards I’ve missed from ’14-’17, followed by unopened, hobby boxes from ’95-’99 for a new video box break, which I haven’t done in nearly a decade.

If you’d like to show your support, the best thing to do is to keep reading. Bookmark the page and follow me on Twitter, which I am finally using regularly. You can find lots of Wax Heaven-related posts on there. I use it a lot for ideas on future posts. My Twitter username is @TheWaxHeaven.

Finally, I would say only a small, handful of former readers know the blog is back. If you happen to keep in touch with any former Wax Heaven readers, send them this way (without posting links on forums). I’ve had a lot of start and stops in the past but I have finally found a way to properly spread myself between work, family, and cards.

Hey, it only took 10 years ….

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