The Most Cringeworthy Thing I’ve Ever Done

During the glory years of Wax Heaven, I did some pretty stupid things. From taking a bite out of a 20 year-old Canseco chocolate bar to feuding with Freedom Card Board and Chris Olds. I even endlessly attacked Beckett Media, the company who published the magazine I adored as a child. All of it was silly and unnecessary and ten years later I look back with embarrassment on how I behaved.

That being said, nothing … and I mean NOTHING comes close to the shame from watching my baseball card video I wrote and produced and had my then girlfriend, who will remain nameless, sing. In 2007-’08 when I made it, it was done all in fun. Still, the production value is so laughably bad. I gotta say, some of the lyrics made me chuckle. Of course, I am the type who laughs at his own jokes.

Where is my Kevin Mitchell?
Where is his shiny, gold tooth?
Where have all the Donruss gone?



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