The Only Baseball Card I Want

It’s funny how things turn out. By the spring of 1992, Jose was a unanimous MVP, multiple time All-Star, two-time Home Run King, the highest-paid baseball player in the world and was even having an affair with the biggest pop singer of the times, Madonna. He was a young millionaire who owned a fleet of fast cars and mansions in multiple states. Unbeknownst to Jose, however, the tide was turning.

By 1992, younger and better baseball players were about to take over the game. In his home town of Oakland and pretty much every stadium Jose played in, he was being heavily booed. Hell, he was not even the best player on his own team anymore as the once quiet Mark McGwire added 30 lbs. of muscle mysteriously (and grew a wicked goatee). Jose struggled through the season until the A’s shipped him to Texas by the All-Star break.

When Jose was at his peak of stardom, it almost seemed like a bother to him. He ignored fans, didn’t sign autographs or pose for photographs and was rude to his own teammates and even his manager. The Atheletics clearly saw the writing on the wall because for the decade he played after his original trade, the greatness was for the most part gone. The game of baseball passed Jose by.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Jose Canseco still in the game, at age 52 and for a $2,500 dollar salary. That’s what the Diamonds paid him for his services this year. Of course, in typical Jose fashion … he didn’t complete his time there. I don’t know why and the few outlets that reported on his time in Pittsburgh didn’t even bother reporting on his disappearance. We the fans were promised a month, what we got was 5 games.

It’s clear that at 52, Jose can no longer play baseball. His .143 average as a hitter and his 0-2 record as a pitcher says everything you need to know. It is pretty awesome that the card below exsists. I don’t know its origins or if it is just someone’s idea of a custom card but I love seeing Jose on cardboard 30 long years after his debut in wax in 1986. I love cards of retired players but to me, Jose Canseco is still active, for now.



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