Growing Old Sucks

I remember bustin’ wax packs in 1990 and loving the card designs of the time. Occasionally, I’d pull something that would feature a design from yesteryear, be it the 60s or 70s and thought to myself how ugly these cards looked and how I wish they wouldn’t waste my time with them. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like for a kid today looking for whatever crazy parallel or game-used-whatever is hot these days and instead find a base card from 1990 Topps. Just typing that out makes me feel a bit sadistic.

Come to think of it, I can’t even imagine a 10 -year old collecting baseball cards, period. Back in 1990, there was no Internet and the video games of the time left a lot to be desired. Baseball cards and toys were still part of the times. If I were 10 again in 2016 the last thing I’d want is a pack of overpriced baseball cards. No mom, I want an Xbox One game or a cell phone, which is now a computer/camera/video game system/TV, all in one.

The times have changed. A piece of cardboard with my favorite baseball player can never compare with 100+ hours of GTA V. Much like the Polaroid camera, this is one hobby that seems more obsolete with every year that passes. Still, here I am in 2016 thinking about baseball cards, even the old ones that didn’t have fancy cut-up pieces of jerseys and bats or stickers with autographs or a billion different colored versions, one more rare than the next. Just a photo, an awful 90s design and stats on the back.

My God, I have become an old man.



One comment

  1. I understand… I don’t collect anymore, and hardly know anyone who does. Although I did hear of a kid that started collecting last month. But the “hobby” isn’t what it used to be. I don’t see how kids can afford it, and it doesn’t seem as much fun as it used to be. I occasionally miss the innocent fun of building a set and making trades with friends. Now I might get cards once every other year, just of favorite players, if I find a card show (which are still fun, to talk with the sellers, who — at least around here — are just in it for fun). But at today’s prices, I don’t buy packs at all — just of a couple of players. But even then, life is so full with everything else, there’s just not much time to devote to it. I wonder what the card industry will do to survive…

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