Here We Go Again

Author: Todd Uncommon

Yeah, I know.  It’s been since the end of April, whether it’s Mario, Matt, or me posting on Wax Heaven.  What can we say?  At least we’re still here.

Although my team’s not doing very well at it this year, I still am enjoying being part of A Cardboard Problem‘s hobby blogger fantasy baseball league on Yahoo.  I just so happen to have Steepin Strapsborg on my roster.  Like a dork, I drafted the guy at the beginning of the season, and held him on my bench until the beginning of June.  At least I remembered to start him when the time came.

As it happens, I was making an early morning (Pacific Time) visit to my team page (Victorious Secret) today. Beside each player’s name is a folder icon, which sometimes has that little new-folder-bling version, meaning there’s recent news from the fantasy rumor aggregation mill.  Today, the updated news item about Strasburg included a tidbit about the Bowman Red Auto 1/1.  It looked a little something like this:

Sooprise, sooprise, sooprise.  Hot on the heels of an announcement that the 2010 edition of Strapsborg-a-thon might stop before the end of the season, now seems to be the time to sell one of the new important cards of the hobby. It’s hard for me not to smirk and be cynical about the auction, but at least you get the biggest images yet of the (curved) grading (just like middle school geometry, but with more money involved) that this specimen received from Beckett.  Its important-ness must have counted for 1.5 points of the total grade, at least.

Is this a sign of Strapsborgianism cooling off?  Is now the time to get in, or to get out?

4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Unless Strasburg does indeed end up becoming the best pitcher in MLB history, his cards will never live up to the inflated values/prices paid by collectors right when they hit the market. To be the best pitcher in MLB history is saying a lot and an incredible about of circumstances need to go his way or the Nationals way for all that to happen. Even after saying all that, I would still like one of those Bowman Ref Auto’s. I’ll wait tho and hope it comes down when the Nationals are eliminated from playoff contention or during the off season.

  2. I have not been a major Strasburg guy, but the closest I’ve come to owning part of the mania is getting both the home and away jerseys. The hype was he is the next Nolan Ryan, just like Canseco was the next Mantle, Gibson the next Mantle and Pujols the next Ruth. When the card hit over $10,000 that’s when I realized it was not a collector, but a dumb a**. Is he cooling off, let’s see how he pitches after being scratched for soreness.

  3. Phenom in DC?
    Strasburg is he the real deal? Not sure yet,but his cards are selling for some monster prices! I have not seen this much cardboard craze since Ken Griffey Jr back in 1988-89…..
    Now everyone is looking for that diamond in the rough right,so with that being said Strasburg mania highly coveted RED autograph card could bring in $20,000.00 to $50,000.00! Are you kidding me! REALLY?

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