This Card Makes Me Sad

Author: Mario Alejandro

Take a look at this dual game-used memorabilia card featuring the Bash Brothers from 2010 Famous Fabrics. While it’s the card several collectors have been waiting for, it’s an absolute FAIL on so many levels.

Let’s ignore for a moment that the two pieces of fabric, while larger than normal pieces you’d find in Topps and Upper Deck most of the time, is plain and boring. There’s not a single photo anywhere on the card.

Yes, there’s a little graphic of a hitter (a lefty no less) but it’s clearly something pulled from a generic image program and bears no resemblance to “Mr. Truth”, Canseco and “Mr. Denial”, McGwire.

This is exactly why so many of us are mourning the imminent death of Upper Deck. What other company had the balls, err … intestinal fortitude to give player collectors new cards of Pete Rose and Jose Canseco without fear of a backlash?

Topps certainly won’t touch those two despite strong sales on the secondary market for both players and a very strong demand as visible through card trading message boards and blogs.

For those interested in this card (and there are some desperate few), you can check out the eBay auction HERE. It’s currently up to nearly $30 dollars with three bids.

Hey, there’s a sucker born every minute …

12 thoughts on “This Card Makes Me Sad

  1. It would have been nice for UD to have the intestinal fortitude while also having a license. Much easier to have the balls when you think there will be no repercussions.

  2. This product as a whole is just terrible. I seen may of the boxes open and very shitty results. This goes to show that anyone will produce anything with relics, because they are the hobby. It’s a shame that this was not a release in UD or Topps, because with a major label this would be the chase.,

  3. Ha, that card is hideous, although the generic COULD be a righty. Tough to tell… it’d just be from behind the batter. It’s one of those optical illusion type things! What do YOU see??

  4. Look again Mario. That tiny little batter is facing away from you so he is right handed. No wait, you’re right. Well maybe he is a righty. No he’s left. Ahh forget it he is a switch hitter…

  5. I agree with you on this one for sure, that is a hideous monster of a card. Slabbing it makes it even worse, because you’d think that would improve it somehow … but it doesn’t.

  6. I won’t ever place one of these in my collection. I’ve seen some on BIN for $200 just because it’s 1/1, I’m not buying, but someone must be.

  7. To each their own…I guess. I always try to look at both sides of the coin because collecting can be subjective, but this is a pretty lame card. Really boring patches and no image of the players featured on the card.

  8. Yes Lower Deck did have the balls to add The Roid Brothers to a couple of releases, but these guys actually did it, and they did so without cheating. The card is very boring, and lacks a proper design, but it is going to sell, because It’s the first of It’s kind. Half of collectors see cards through Ebay eyes, and wouldn’t recognize a nice design if it slapped them in the head anyhow.


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  10. Wow.. These don’t even look like a baseball card.
    I would say that consaco after his confessions about steroids; really killed it for himself.
    I would prefer to look at and hold on to his older cards from the 80’s.
    Mark confessed to the same thing.. Now why would someone want to buy this. I can’t understand.. Dumb idea!

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