The Transformers (Poll)

Author: Mario Alejandro

Keeping with the Wax Heaven theme of ‘Trading Cards and Pop Culture’, I’ve decided to follow-up on the immensely popular top ten lists I’ve done in the past, this time on the greatest toys of all-time, Transformers.

Having come to America in 1987, I missed the great G1 invasion of these wonderful toys but thanks to a very thrifty mother, was able to find many of the originals at less than desirable shops across South Florida.

So if you were lucky (and old) enough to own some of these magnificent toys, which ones would you classify as the best of the line? Also, what makes these toys so desirable to young and old alike?

You can check out an impressive G1 toy gallery here.

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  1. My first transformer was the G1 Brawn… I lost him when my father was building his antique shop, so he must of gotten misplaced under the floor or in a wall. I was known for hiding things. I think my favorites were the mini ones like Brawn, Bumblebee, Seaspray, Cliffjumper, et al. You could carry them in a pocket and they were easy to transform. That said, I also loved my sharkticon and Metroplex.

  2. Blaster was always my favorite. I always thought it was cool that he carried around another Transformer (the cassette tape, I forget his name).

  3. I had a bunch but I can’t remember who is who anymore. I have to say that I liked them a whole lot more than the ones that they are making today. My son has a bunch of them and you just about have to have an engineering degree to figure out how to transform the,.

  4. StarScream and all the jets, I remember in 1984 or 1985 trying to find the Optimus Prime was next to impossible. The best was megatron just a gun then, but it was simple.

  5. Starscream. He was the baddest. Or maybe Devastator. You know, before he had balls. That’s got to be the worst idea for a character ever. Devastor’s Balls.

  6. Loved Transformers as a kid, but really only collected G1 items. I am posting more to say how exciting it is that you have been blogging with some regularity. Now I will be back to splitting my breaks at workand my time with the porcelain god between you, Joe Poz, and Gellman. W0000000000000t!

  7. My favorite was Perceptor. A fully functioning Microscope! I remember using it to look at the sea monkeys I had gotten. I have over 51 G1 figures that I collected (not boxed) and by far are still better than anything released today. My other favorite character was Superion Maximus! 5 jets that formed one big bad ass dude! BUT THE BEST OVERALL WAS METROPLEX! AUTOBOT CITY!!!

  8. The tape player was a cool concept…would have been cooler if it actually was a cassette player (or did they make one like that? I can’t remember).

    StarScream was my favorite Decepticon. He was annoying and his voice was migraine-inducing, but he was still my favorite baddie.

    Optimus Prime…well, he was Optimus Prime. He was and is and always will be #1.

  9. I had a bunch of Transformers back in the day, but I was a big G.I. Joe fan. GOOOOOOOO JOE!!!!!!

    I love the Cabbage Patch Kids post. Those cards are really cool.

  10. I think Soundwave is my favorite. Not only was he cool looking in robot form, but the cassettes transformers were awesome.

    Optimas is also hard to beat. So icomic and a really cool toy to boot.

    Sunfire holds a special place since it the first one I owned, but as far an a toy it was a little weaker than many of the others.

  11. Unfortunately, I had more Go-Bots than Transformers. For the small robots, I remember having Cosmos the flying saucer and another that transformed into a tank. I had a mid-size robot named Horri-Bull that transformed into – a bull. The best was Powermaster Optimus Prime, and I still have him and all of his accessories to this day.

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