Examples of Pinnacle Backdoored Cards

Author: Mario Alejandro

While my latest article talks about the possibility of Upper Deck cards being backdoored if the company goes under, I didn’t have a chance to show readers examples of some legendary and very expensive backdoored cards from the final days of Pinnacle Brands.

Unlike Upper Deck, which in my opinion had an average year in 2009, it’s clear that Pinnacle Brands were in their prime when the doors closed and the printers were shut down for good. While these cards may be a little “busy” to some, I can attest that in person they are as breathtaking as Elaine Benes.

You can read more about these cards and see more images HERE.

8 thoughts on “Examples of Pinnacle Backdoored Cards

  1. Two back to back posts? Is Mario back? Keep it up. Also, go find Jose and give him a hug before he does something stupid. His tweets are getting more and more disturbing. Except the one where he called Olds ugly.

  2. Polo

    Those are some cool looking cards. Pinnacle was at the top of their game when it all ended for it back in the day.

  3. Anonymous

    All very sharp looking.

    Pinnacle was way ahead of the game as far as shine goes. You are aware that the Thomas card is Donruss Crusade which is a whole different shine in itself.

  4. Anonymous

    I love the shine, and outright genius of Pinnacle products.

    You are aware the Thomas is Donruss Crusade a whole different shine in itself.

  5. DDoubleplay Sports

    Hello Friends hows everyone doing? Mario how the hell are you man?

    I just want to put something out there.
    True of False Upperdeck could be finished? Well being retired an advid flea market shopper lol. Today I ran across alot of higher end Upperdeck products.Maybe being backed doored?

    Remember I’m on the east coast and Upperdeck is on the sunny left coast.So how is this higher end stuff getting out to my neck of the woods here in New Jersey? I seen a guy buy $1000.00 worth of authentic signed Micheal Jordan 5×7 cards! There was about 25 in all,all hand sign by Michael Jordon authentic by Upperdeck with the Upperdeck logo!
    I also seen alot of 1 of 1 higher end autograph jersey cards by the 5000 count monster boxes.Dealers were running to the nearest ATMs to buy this shit! Thats right I said SHIT! I would never get caught up in this kind of bullshit.But it was really sad to watch older guys fighting over this crap!
    Someone is going to be making a ton of money? or not? RLMFAO!

    I remember when fleer closed in Mt.Laurel N.J. years ago.You had to put up like $1000.00 to get on the list to enter the warehouse alot of hype back in the day,not that many people showed up.
    But for that $1000.00 you probably made 5 times your money back if thats what your into? Your talking about business men making an investment to make money in the hobby I love! Fucking SAD!!!
    I just remember there were some many higer end auto jersey cards full uncut sheet all over the warehouse on 4×4 wooden pallets! It’s like deju-vu all over again???? But I never thought it would be Upperdeck going out like this?
    Like I said I’m just putting it out there……

  6. jesse/ crusademan

    glad youre back into things Mario, I havnt checked here in a while because I thought you were gone. I dont have the Thomas crusade yet but I will be working on it.

  7. willie

    Nice cards!
    The set I would love to get my hands on from pinnacle is the “pinnacle aficionado set”
    Very nice set to look at.

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