WWE Getting the Short End …

Author: Mario Alejandro

Tristar did it with their TNA license. Topps did it with their UFC brand. Now, where is the WWE dream card we wrestling fans have been anxiously waiting for?

In case you missed it, Topps produced just ten copies of this amazing, on-card triple autograph of MMA legends, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, along with UFC head honcho, Dana White.

It’s already an amazing card but as a reward, Topps is sending the first lucky collector to pull this card on an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to hang out at the UFC training center and sit cage side at a TUF fight.

Alright, Topps … job well done. You’ve created a perfect card and an even better grand prize that no other company can likely ever pull off. Now, where’s the WWE version to go along with it?

With WWE on the road non-stop it should be much easier to plan a grand prize, should Topps follow with a WWE version of the UFC “Dream Card”. Of course, that dream card would have to include one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, love it or hate it.

What other two wrestlers would you include on the card?

I would team up Vinny Mac with none other than Triple H, who is likely to be the man in charge once Vince retires considering Vince’s son, Shane, jumped ship last year and has vanished from the public eye.

On the other spot you’d have to include arguably the most popular wrestler of the moment, John Cena. While we don’t know what kind of price the Tristar and UFC cards will carry on the secondary market, I’d go out on a limb to say the WWE version would top both of them once they appear on eBay.

Of course, Topps would actually have to make the effort. They have clearly shown they can with a “legitimate” sport but would they do the same to for the WWE brand of “sports entertainment” which is not as respected as mixed martial arts?

Here’s hoping Topps gives WWE the respect it deserves.

PS. – In case you’re wondering, someone has already won the grand prize.


8 thoughts on “WWE Getting the Short End …

  1. That would awesome if they did a card like that for the WWE!
    I would like to see Bret Hart/HBK/Vinnie Mac. All 3 from the montreal screwjob, if Earl Hebner was still with company they could get him to sign it too to make an amazing quad auto.
    Your right, they probably would include Cena, which is a shame because I cant stand the guy!

  2. If Vinnie Mac is on the card I want Bret and HBK on there too. Nothing like a “Montreal Screwjob” Triple Auto. Heck, make it a quad and get Earl Hebner to sign it too.

  3. Amazing that both comments are nearly identical and were waiting for approval so it’s not like you guys cheated.

    As for the card, it would be sweet but I doubt Vince would ever sign off on it. Anything is possible, right?

  4. LOL…WWE and Topps would have a SOLD OUT product on their hands if they ever did that.
    Promotion would be zilch as word of mouth would take over and even non-wrestling fans would chase that card.

    Hand number it out of 4 and the best chase in wrestling card history (not that it is remotely deep) would be on.

    The only other card that would be nice to see is Hogan/Snuka/MrT/Piper/Orndorff/Orton auto booklet 1/1.

  5. Pretty funny how we picked the same guys! Another line up I’d like to see, which was suggested by a friend at work would be Bulldog (cut auto), Finley, Regal and the Dynamite Kid. He calls this the British Empire. Being from the UK this is something that would be great to see.

  6. Taker/Foley
    Kane/Shane O Mac
    Br. Love/Barber
    Stone Cold/Tyson
    Capt. Lou/Cindy Lauper

  7. First and foremost, I am glad to have you back Mario. I had not visited the site for a couple weeks, and was excited to catch up on your recent posts.

    I have several ideas for a WWE dream card. I would like to see a Rock/Stone Cold dual auto since these two were the most popular characters at the height of popularity for WWE.

    Other ideas: Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannety (I loved the Rockers)
    Ric Flair/Ricky Steamboat (one of the greatest rivalries ever)
    Matt Hardy/Edge (I am from NC therefore a huge Hardy fan)

  8. Id like a new age outlaw dual. also the taker vs. mankind dual would be sweet.
    as far as triple autos go, rock/austin/owen hart would be a nice piece. I bet we can still find some nice hart cuts

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