Picking Up Where I Left Off

Author: Mario Alejandro

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had any desire to collect. I’ve sat back waiting for the first Jose Canseco/Upper Deck card to show up, and every once in a while checked eBay for Andrew Miller cards to see what the 2010 issues were like but really felt nothing every time.

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I decided to start again, at least with my fallen Florida Marlin, Andrew Miller. Unfortunately, for the third year in a row, Andrew has found himself in the Minors. While I hate to use a word like “bust” for a guy who was nice enough to sign for me several times and even took the time to remember my name, it’s not looking good for Mr. Miller right now.

As for cards, it appears that he’s only been in a couple of releases thus far. The Heritage card below, a sweet-looking, no license Upper Deck release, and a Topps Team release which looks pretty nice as well. As for which of the three I think looks best? It’s easily the Heritage brand pictured below.

You can expect a full report and review on the cards once they start showing up. As for Wax Heaven, I am working on bringing one final exclusive to the site. Although I’m not looking to step on Beckett’s toes (Tracy and I are buds again), this one would be a very special exclusive that would mean a lot to me.

Stay tuned …


10 thoughts on “Picking Up Where I Left Off

  1. I hope this does not sound dick-ish, but Wax Heaven is you Mario. I would rather come here once a month and read something from you than come here and find something by someone else. Those guys ain’t Wax H.
    Glad you are getting back into it. Peace.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Matt regarding 2010 Heritage. The Then and Now Inserts are ok but not needed. I did however score the Gordon Beckham bat card. I enjoy the Heritage and O-Pee-Chee sets. But I admit that I have never been a big fan of high end product. I enjoy the base sets and rookie cards and can pass on the autographs and relic cards.
    If you are looking to complete your Heritage or 2009 OPC baseball sets I still have doubles I haven’t traded off yet.

  3. wow, you’re too kind! Not only is Andrew Miller back in the minors, he’s also hurt _again_ – on the Zephyrs DL list.

    I wonder if he can ever stay healthy.

  4. Yeah It’s safe to say that Andre Miller’s cards have stepped into Mendoza Wax territory. Good to see your posting again, but friends with the Man-Children over at Beckett after what they did to you?

    Your Joking Right?


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