Tristar steps up as TNA flounders

Author: Mario Alejandro

Not too long ago, Tristar was releasing some pretty low-budget wrestling cards for their Total Non-Stop Action wrestling license. Back then, TNA was the underdog company who made it clear they were not going to compete with the giant in the business, WWE.

That all changed when TNA brought in legendary trouble maker Eric Bischoff and an old, used up Hulk Hogan and announced to the world that they were moving their show to Monday to directly compete with WWE’s Raw. While some believed Hogan, Ric Flair, and the N.W.O would be good for business, many did not believe they had a shot.

As it turns out, many were right. TNA has been awful in the ratings and continues to put on sloppy, embarrassing shows (and Pay Per Views) week in and week out. Flair, Hogan, and NWO were once giants in the business but today have no place near a wrestling ring and just cannot compete with WWE’s main attractions.

Surprisingly, while TNA’s programming has hit new lows, Tristar’s trading cards have only improved. Check out Beckett Media’s preview of the upcoming TNA: The New Era trading card set coming this month. This is one clear example of David (Tristar), knocking Goliath on its ass (Topps), at least in this upcoming release.

While Topps’ last WWE release was a great all-around product, it certainly did not have the star power of a card like the one you see below featuring four wrestling legends (Yes, even Nash). While some may feel that Kevin’s appearance on the card is just filler, it’s easy to forget that he’s been a champion in every company he’s ever worked for (WWE, WCW, TNA).

Tristar’s effort should be seen by Topps as a wake-up call to start including some real legends’ autographs in their product. Can you imagine a dual autograph of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior or Shawn Michaels and Triple H? How about a cut signature of the immortal Andre the Giant?

The possibilities are endless.



  1. I’m going to have to disagree with the current state of TNA and the WWE. I just watched Wrestlemania with 8 of my friends and we all agreed that not only was it the worst Wrestlemania of all time, but one of the worst Pay Per Views ever. The main event, a repeat of a match last year, didn’t come close to the quality of last year’s match. The big spot of the match, Michaels’ moonsault off of the turnbuckle to the announce table completely missed its mark. It was funny trying to watch Taker sell a moonsault to the leg. The whole night was sloppy. Batista looked like he was going to hurt himself again from not taking multiple moves correctly. Jericho, who I’m a huge fan of, completely botched his finisher against Edge and that ruined the ending of that match. Even in the solid matches, WWE wrestlers only do the same handful of 5 THQ video game approved trademark moves and it gets boring from week to week.

    TNA always catches flak for having older guys on the roster. but the WWE is just as guilty of this. Taker and Michaels just hobbled their way through the Wrestlemania main event and each of those guys take months off at a time these days. Triple H is getting flabby without his steroids and doesn’t look good in the ring anymore. I’d rather watch a company with Hogan, Flair and Nash on the roster than a company that parades around Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan,

    The big difference right now between TNA and WWE is the cruiserweights. Two matches from the last TNA PPV beat all of Wrestlemania by themselves. The Ultimate X match was the best wrestling that I’ve seen in the past few years. The 4-way ladder match was also incredible. TNA’s talent with RVD, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Daniels, AJ Styles, Kaz, Motor City Machine Guns, Generation Me, Samoa Joe, etc. Their big problem right now is the booking. If they don’t fix that then they’ll never improve their ratings. It’s not like the WWE has been doing anything of note lately. They’re surviving mostly on guest host gimmicks and established stars.

    WCW didn’t leap to the top of the Monday Night Ratings right away. The move to 8 pm should help TNA pick up some additional ratings, but if they lose too much in their second hour due to RAW starting then they may have to let some of these big names go even though they have the better talent.

  2. Great comment!

    Samoa Joe’s been taken off tv, Matt Hardy doesn’t even think Jeff will stick around long (Google it), RVD is years from when he was relevant, and Kurt is a tragedy waiting to happen.

    I will admit AJ Styles is hilarious as Flair Jr.

  3. Joe will be back in a little while. He just has to lose a little weight. It makes sense if he’s going to continue competing with X Division guys.

    The only thing that will get in Jeff’s way is a conviction. The travel was the big thing that he hated in the WWE and there’s not nearly as much of that in TNA. Plus, he’s got a ton of his friends there and eventually might even have Gregory Helms there as well.

    I think that you’re underestimating RVD. His body has had some time to rest up with a lessened workload and he’s a guy who can legitimately compete both with the cruisers and the heavies.

    It is a shame about Kurt, but hopefully he can get his life in order and get his head straight. I can’t imagine that he’s happy with TNA bringing Jarrett back after what went on, but he’s still the best technical wrestler in TNA.

    Flair’s promo during the last PPV was gold and AJ is doing a great job. They just have to end the Abyss as Hogan part of this angle.

    I guess I’m just tired of the Vince McMahon style of big bruisers pummeling each other wrestling that they force down your throats on WWE wrestling. I was sick of DX and Taker 10 years ago. They don’t push any of the decent younger talent that they have and once the older guys retire or get injured they’re going to be screwed.

  4. Did you see the promo by CM Punk during Rey Mysterio’s daughter’s birthday celebration. It was the coolest and sickest thing I have ever seen in wrestling and I just don’t think TNA could ever compare to it, at least not with what they are doing right now.

    RVD may have something left in the tank but why waste him by wrestling NWO? UGH.

  5. Punk is one of the few entertaining things going on in the WWE right now. He’s got the creepy heel thing down perfectly.

    TNA has amazing in-ring talent, but they are a little weak on the mic department. They would be served best to bring in one or two top notch managers to speak for the guys who can’t. Then again, other than Punk, Jericho and maybe one or two others, there’s no one in WWE that I really want to see with a mic in their hand either.

  6. Hogan and Bishoff are selfish and you can see that in the product.
    Why in the hell were the Nasty Boys on tv? Hogan is just bringing in his buddies to give them a pay day, even if they don’t deserve it.
    They have spent tons of money on bringing in big name has beens and yet the rating are worse now than when they were featuring the young, athletic guys who weren’t household names…. yet.

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