An Open Letter from Mario

Author: Mario Alejandro

I’m getting creamed in the U.D Awards. Where my people at?

In all seriousness, though … fellow collectors and readers of Wax Heaven are some of the nicest people I have ever known. It’s been a trying few months as baseball cards have taken a back seat to winning back my true love, and ultimately failing miserably.

I’ve had feelings of anger, sadness, bitterness, and even thoughts of suicide. As I began hitting rock bottom into a pit of events I’d rather not discuss, I’ve received hundreds of e-mails and blog posts showing support for me and the site, which has lost 2/3 of the daily visitors since December.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to respond to any emails but still keep in touch on an almost daily basis through Twitter and for a clever few, on Facebook on my non-sports cards account. As for those acts of kindness, there are just too many to mention but this one in particular almost made me shed a tear.

Truthfully, I don’t know if I’ll ever return full-time to the card blogosphere, which has blown up lately and I don’t even know if I’ll ever enjoy trading cards again in general but I just want to thank every single reader and friend for their continued support. It’s amazing how many people care about the Perez Hilton of card blogging.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Mario Alejandro



  1. It hasn’t been the same without you. Been thinking about you and praying things work out. Sorry it’s been so rough.

  2. i wouldn’t say your getting creamed, but it’s funny that the two blogs with the most votes are one’s i’ve never heard of. I was sneaky and voted twice (me/my wife) and voted for WH and A Cardboard Problem, even though i think they said not to vote for them ;). You may have fell victim to horrible timing and we hope your doing better, and i await your inevitable triumphant return.

  3. I really like my canseco cards but I love my lady so I know what you mean when you say you’re trying win yours back, life has priorities and you are making good choices it sounds like.

  4. Break-ups can be hard and take their toll on you. And at times they lead you to thoughts of suicide. But if that does happen again though, please speak to someone or seek help. All life is precious, and as such the death of someone, particularly way before their time, is a tragedy.

  5. If the UD Awards were held 6 months ago, you would have walked away with more votes than everyone else combined. I agree with the drizz that it is just really bad timing for you. Easy come, easy go they say. But don’t worry, Mario, you will never be forgotten by the blogosphere. You sort your personal life out — that is WAY more important than pieces of cardboard — and only come back 100% if you feel up to it. And if you never do come back as strong as you once were, you can take comfort in knowing you made a lot of people laugh, curse, and take more notice of The Hobby, which is more than most of us can claim…

  6. Mario,
    I have never posted on your site but have been reading it for about a year now, since I got into the hobby. I just wanted to say that Life is in no way easy, and that things happen for a reason. Stay strong, and I hope you come back in full force one day, I love your writing. Take care.

  7. It has been great seeing any writing from you at all. We will take what we can get. Life is dynamic and complex and each experience is singular so although each have loved and lost, none of us truly knows how you feel. Speaking only from my experiences there will be lots of tears and lots of questions and lots of, “why me?” Time is the only medicine and with each passing day the questions will grow fewer and the tears less numerous until one day you will look back at only the fond memories. During that slow process many of us will be here for you should you need a cyber ear or shoulder. The world is a better place with Mario in it even if sometimes you don’t feel it.

  8. An Open Post to Mario …..

    Since your announcement in December, I have checked Wax Heaven only every other week when some hobby news appears just to see if you might happen to comment on it (e.g., Upper Deck’s MLB and NFL licenses in particular). Today I read your Open Letter with interest but more as to your personal life.

    I would suggest to you that you have done the right thing in your life to have walked away from Wax Heaven. While I loved reading it daily or every other day, why should any of us expect you to construct your life around maintaining a project that takes all your free time, with potential opportunity cost in the family relationship area, and for which you do not get paid despite the free advertising you gave to the card companies? The blogosphere is admittedly an interesting world in that it gives any one person a “voice” to be heard, so I see the intangible interest in producing it. However, the opportunity cost to you in terms of time, relationships and money seems too high. I would say it is time to either turn WH into a business (if you can figure out how to consolidate some blogs and collectively all get paid) or walk away from it and pursue some other career.

    I suspect you have found some of this out for yourself based on your writings. You are where you are in life, but think of where you came from. There are an awful lot of people in the world that do not escape their unfortunate starts in life. Despite the more recent family and/or career set backs, you are still well ahead of the game as compared to most of the world.

    I think what you have proven to yourself is that if you dedicate yourself to building and maintaining something, you can accomplish quite a bit. Why give up on that innate talent? Figure out some kind of business that you would like to be engaged in and start there. You enjoy building things, so perhaps a career in construction of homes might interest you. You seem to care about people, so firefighting, ambulance training and the like might interest you. You enjoy investigative work, so perhaps news reporting would interest you.

    Wax Heaven gave us a window to you, not just to baseball cards. I personally see a lot of upside potential, not a failure by any means.


  9. Thank you for the comments on that post. That means a lot. I could drone on and on with advice, but it wouldn’t be anything more than what people have already said in this comment section.

    I’m very happy to see you writing again. It’s a good way to work through emotional turmoil. Things will work out the way they are supposed to in the end, regardless of how things seem now. Time and perspective are the two luxuries that people don’t have while they are in the moment.

  10. Mario,

    Stay Strong. I Think I speak for many. Your passion for card collecting and design shined through your site. I really enjoy collecting and the hobby. it has helped me through a difficult time in my life and I am stronger now. Know this, you, your passion and blog got this collector back into the hobby and kept me sane through difficult times. Regardless of the UD Poll. Every blogger and collector knows what site started and owned the card blog explosion, Wax heaven.

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done. It has had a positive affect on many, including this collector and fan. Thanks!!!

  11. Dear Mario,
    Ive been in your position. Me and my girlfriend have had many fights and I have considered suicide. But I beg you, do not do that. It is a permanent solution to only a temporary problem. You are a caring and generous man. And If times get rough, were all here. And never give up hope. Hope is a good thing, Maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

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