Dennis Hopper Near Death

Author: Mario Alejandro

Dennis Hopper, an iconic actor who burst onto the scene in films such as ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ and ‘Easy Rider’, which he directed and starred in, recently made a rare public appearance to receive his star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hopper, 73, is reportedly in the final stages of advanced prostate cancer and is not expected to survive much longer. Hopper, who now weighs under 100 lbs. and had a large bandage on his head, looked like a shell of his former self at the event on Friday. (link)

As for Hopper in the hobby of trading cards, searches on Ebay and through Beckett revealed no cards of the legendary and somewhat bizarre actor. With Upper Deck and Razor Entertainment both focusing on celebrity-themed autographs, that could change in the near future.


Dennis Hopper was featured in a trading card set for the movie bomb, ‘Waterworld’, starring Kevin Costner. You can find hologram inserts, produced by Fleer Trading Cards and even an unopened box for under $25 dollars.

Bust at your own risk …



  1. “Heinekin? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue ribbon!” A generation of PBR drinking hipsters in Portland was born from that line.

  2. He was also in the Comic Images 24 set, both on the base cards and foils and also a costume card from his show worn outfit.

  3. Waterworld was good for a couple of things:

    1) Finally giving people long awaited Hopper trading cards and a chance to own your very own Dennis Hopper action figure!

    2) This scene. I don’t advocate any kind of child abuse, but the question from Kevin Costner is one a lot of people deserve.

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