The Introduction of Matt W.

Author: Matt W.

My name is Matt and I have an addiction. I’m addicted to little pieces of cardboard with pictures of professional athletes on them. Now while this seems completely normal to me, it is rather incomprehensible to my wife, something only partially explained by the fact that she was born in China. After all, she’s probably not the only woman in the world who thinks that spending hundreds of dollars on little pieces of cardboard is crazy. But then, I’m probably not the only guy out their wondering why women need sixty-five zillion pairs of shoes and a purse for every day of the week!

Anyway, much like ToddUncommon, Mario and I have also been talking for a while about my doing some guest blogging on Wax Heaven while he is preparing for his comeback. Those of you who have been loyal Wax Heaven readers will know me from the comments section as mfw13, and while you may not agree with what I have to say, I hope you will nevertheless enjoy my commentary and find it thought-provoking.

What is my background, you might ask? Well, aside from having a rather gorgeous Chinese wife, I’m a native San Franciscan currently living in Seattle who is a die-hard Giants and Sharks fan. I first started collecting cards in 1977 (the first card I ever pulled from a wax pack was Larvell Blanks), and although my fervor has waxed and waned, I’ve never really stopped collecting. My favorite players include Willie McCovey, Bob Brenly, Will Clark, Arturs Irbe, Mike Ricci, and Ronnie Lott, and while I am primarily a set collector, I also collect Topps test issues from the 60’s and 70’s and well as unopened rack and cello packs with stars showing. Recently completed collecting projects include the 1977 Topps Mexican football set (a story for another post) and the 1971 Kellogg’s baseball set, and current projects include the 1961 Fleer basketball set (only need four cards) and the 1969 Topps Team Posters set.

So anyway…here goes….hope you all enjoy my posts!



  1. Nice personable article to help kickoff the “resurrection” of WH. Any more guest bloggers on the site coming up?

  2. If you have indeed completed the 1977 Topps Football Mexican release, inclusive of the dirty dozen, that is a substantial hobby achievement. I believe their are about 15 complete sets in the entire hobby.

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