Mike Gallego Resurrects Wax Heaven!

Author: Mario Alejandro

You gotta love the World Wide Web. I spent the majority of two years writing non-stop about every sports cards and baseball related topic in my head without ever expecting anyone to read. Along the way, this little blog caught on and the rest is blog history.

One of my favorite activities was covering Florida Marlins games with my then lovely wife, Tatiana. We went to a seemingly endless number of games to support our team but every once in a while I’d be just a little more excited about the opposition coming into town.

One of those instances happened in 2008 when the Colorado Rockies came to Dolphin Stadium (or whatever it was being called at the time) with a coach from my all-time favorite club, the Bash-Brothers Oakland A’s era. Mike Gallego wasn’t a superstar but he was a big part of those teams and I was dying to get an autograph or photo with the guy, now a coach.

Unfortunately, after the game when calling his name Mike did not hear us and walked straight into his team bus. I was disappointed to say the least and when I got back home wrote a not so scathing story about my experience. It wasn’t anything as bad as the Madison Bumgarner saga but it was a bit rude.

You won’t believe my surprise when out of the blue just a couple of days ago I received an email from none other than Mr. Gallego himself, a 13-year veteran of the game I love. I expected a few harsh words so you can imagine my shock when this email was a simple apology from Mike!

Mike assured me that had he heard a fan calling out for his attention he would have loved to come over for a bit. He says that since his playing days have come and gone, there just isn’t as much fan fare as there once was and the last thing on his mind was that someone would want an autograph or photo.

First off, I’d like to publicly apologize to Mike. Sometimes fans expect more than they are entitled to when going to a game and I am very guilty of this myself. While I have never been rude or disrespectful and would never consider myself an “autograph hound”, I did attend every game from 2007-2009 expecting every player to pose for photos or sign.

Secondly, I’d like to ask every collector and fan of the game to pull out their Mike Gallego cards and take them to the stadium next time he’s in town (Wikipedia says he’s a coach with the A’s now). He’s a good example of what more players, current and retired, should be like. You can’t please everyone but clearly Mike is trying.

23 thoughts on “Mike Gallego Resurrects Wax Heaven!

  1. Wow, great to have you back. I remember Mike Gallego well from those As teams. There was some debate in my house as to how his name was pronounced at first. We had to wait until the As played my Mariners before we could be sure. Turns out my other brother was right, like usual.

    Mario, great to have you back. Does this mean we can expect more posts, and on a regular basis??

  2. Funny you mention that. Mike said that to get his attention before and after a game just call him by his nickname, “GAGS”.

    Thanks for the kind words. I won’t be back regularly but I do have a Stephen Strasburg piece in the works and I’m hoping to cover the 2010 Marlins Fan Fest, which are always hugely popular at Wax Heaven.

    That is about two weeks away.

  3. Great to hear from you again Mario! I was also a big fan of Gallego during his playing days, and it’s great to see him back with the A’s again.

  4. Nice to see you back Mario! Mikey was my favorite player when I was a kid I had a chance to meet and take some pictures with him at an A’s Kodak photo day many years back. He was the nicest guy in the world and spent alot of time talking to everyone. It’s great to see him back in Oakland. He loved it there and I hope the fans will be happy to see him back. They’re very luck to have him.


  5. I just checked the A’s website on MLB.com and he’s listed as the 3rd base coach. So cool to see him back in the green and gold.

  6. homie,
    glad to see you writing again and what an honor to have mike write you an email, wow! I’ll be at fanfest and its going to be a blast!! I have a bunch of jose’s for you even a g/u card for his….. i’ll take them with me to fanfest. hope to see you there and take a pic with the greatest card blogger of all time!

    wicked ortega.

  7. That’s awesome. I have a hard time getting ball players to email me back, much less initiate a dialogue.

  8. If I make it to an A’s game in Arlington, I’ll have to try to get his auto. Nice to see another post.

  9. Your ‘then lovely wife’…is she no longer your wife or no longer lovely? I guess if I read your blog more, I’d probably know. the way you phrased it makes me think she has passed away, and I’m sorry if that’s the case.

  10. Good to see you back, Mario.

    I will be stalking Mike at A’s v. Rangers games from now on.

  11. I shot my love today would you cry for me…
    I lost my head again would you lie for me..
    I left her in the sand just a burden in my hand..

    I lost my head again would you cry for me….


    Welcome back bro!

  12. Mario, it’s been a lonely world without you!

    Welcome back my friend you have been missed!

  13. Good to hear from you again Mario. That is pretty cool how Gallego contacted you to apologize. I hope things are going well and look forward to hearing more from you soon. Take it easy man.

  14. Being a huge A’s fan… it’s nice to see someone else who also appreciates Mr. Gallego. It’s great to have you back Mario!

  15. Mario,

    Nice to see your back. Looking forward to checking Wax Heaven out again!!!


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